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Strange, the desire for certain pleasures is a part of my pain...Kahlil Gibran

Strange, the desire for certain pleasures is a part of my pain...Kahlil Gibran

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The reason I have chosen this picture for this blog is to attempt to get people to understand what the body goes through once something has entered the body, for almost everyone, the pleasure of consumption. I am, and have been in the small group, sometimes picked on, one who visualizes all that it takes for my poor body to process whatever it is that goes down the tube.

I haven't written anything for a couple of weeks, for I actually get intimidated giving my opinion even though I am asked to do so, for I have a long history with an industry that completely has a 180 degree outlook on nutrition. I respect their beliefs, but it never worked for me.

I never had issues with my thyroid, cravings for junk food, or skin issues until I went on the supplement roller coaster. So this will be my explanation on why I am against over supplementing vs. food for nutritional health.

Man, this is hard. I will start with my belief in having one body in this life, and when in denial that you truly are what you eat, you will pay the consequences later in life. And at that point having negative physical issues, one ends up going to the drug store, OR, the doctor for relief, meaning, over the counter or prescription drugs. Quick relief. It is a fact that all of those will take a toll on the liver. It's just a fact.

Then we can get into the supplemental issue. We are all at the mercy of ingredients on the bottle. Recently there has been a lot of findings that there are supplements out there that are not really what they say is on the bottle, and some not in the bottle at all. So when one consumes supplements, convinced that they need more, or, have no time to prepare proper foods that could satisfy nutritional needs one has to trust, or assume it is what it says.

Hitting on food supplements like the massive booming whey protein, and now, even processed flavored egg whites, where you can buy any flavor so it tastes so yummy, you are not going to get either without artificial flavors, colors, and most the time artificial sugars. Go on to any supplement website and see how many workout supplements there are, with flavors like fruit punch, banana cream, very berry, lemon lime, Oreo cookie, etc. It is extremely rare you will find one that is naturally flavored. And why put the coloring in them? Does it make it more enticing to drink because it is pink or blue?

Our poor bodies, working so hard to process all of the man made enticing flavors, because if it doesn't taste good, why bother? Therefore, go for it, I need it. Again, I could go on forever, trying to make logic of why I believe it is not necessary to consume fake nutrition.

So far, I can say that when I am asked about nutrition, the response mostly is "Well I just don't have time to do that." I will just let it go, but I will say in my mind, it is just being lazy. The other one is "Well, I can't afford to eat that kind of food." Trust me, organic foods are not THAT much more expensive than non organic. Not to mention, the people that come back at that, are spending money on restaurants, and coffee stands that I KNOW are not cheap.

If you look at the diagram above, and examine the process of digestion, how each and every part of that system has to attempt to recognize and process each and everything consumed, it must demand much more respect that almost everyone has no clue about. I am just trying, before I will go any further, to get anyone that follows my blogs (if any) to think about that when consuming ANYTHING. Think about what you eat, does to your system. Or better yet, think about how your body will benefit by consuming. It's definitely a Ying or Yang thing.

Know this, I am really no different than anyone else when it comes to being enticed, or crave something unethically satisfying. It's just that I know exactly how I am going to feel, and what havoc it will be on my system, so I choose to pick my poison VERY carefully, and rarely.

Pick your poisons as logically as you can, in supplements, or enticing junk food. Study, and keep in mind the diagram above to remind yourself of the journey it takes for your body to process.

Man, I sure hope this make some sort of sense. Signing out..............