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Washing Figure, Physique, and Bodybuilding Merry Christine Bodywear Competition Suits

Washing Merry Christine Bodywear Bikini Competition Suits

Washing Merry Christine Bodywear Competition Suits Made of Hologram Fabric

Written Instructions

That beautiful suit you were wearing on stage, well, not so beautiful anymore. And if you have used the Bikini Bite, or Stencil Spray, or even worse, the 3M glue (a lot of naïve fitness/figure girls use that), you are really in trouble. Not only that, but some of you gals out there are known to spend upwards of a couple grand on a suit (Let’s see, where would those come from?) And I have a lot of gals that like to sell their suits after competing in them a few times, then buy new ones. And I know a lot of gals out there are also looking for used Merry Christine suits, that are either too late to order, or simply cannot afford them.

Well read carefully, and if you do exactly what I say, your suit will be as good as new.

This can be done with my suits for sure, but I am not going to say that suits with decoration made by any other designer will hold up for sure. You must ask the maker if the suits may be washed.

You will need liquid laundry detergent, and a fingernail cleaning brush.

In a sink or washtub fill with very cold water. Add a generous amount of liquid detergent. My favorites are Wisk and Tide. Place the suit in the cold water and gently slosh up and down in the water. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then, turn the right side onto your hand so the inside with the glue and coloring are facing up. Now pour some of the liquid detergent right onto the glue. Then take the fingernail brush and gently brush in one direction repeatedly until the glue just rolls off the suit. It should not take that long, unless you used the 3M. Nasty stuff. Be patient for it will come off.

Once all the guck is off, empty sink of the soapy water and fill back up with more cold water. Slosh the suit around and empty and repeat until there are no suds. Usually it takes about 4 – 6 times. When the suit is suds free, place it on a towel on a flat surface for only about a half hour until the main amount of water is out of the suit. Then drape suit over a hanger and let it dry. You will have a nice fresh suit again!

If the glue around the crystals start to turn a bit white. When the suit is dry, the glue will turn clear again.

If you have connectors on your suit, you must use an air can to spray all of the excess water out of the connector settings. This will prevent any rust or decay in between the crystal and the setting.

Now one important thing I would like to mention that really is not funny and very important. If you do intend to sell your suit or, if your feeling charitable and just want to give it away, please be sure to also clean the crotch area of the suit the same way you cleaned the glue. No need to explain that one, but many with many of you girls, that one goes right over the head.

It is very simple and well worth it to keep your suits in good condition. Same thing goes for the men. The suits you wear on stage are the frame to your presentation. It is important to keep the whole package clean and 100%. If you are one of those that wait until you are at the show to put your coloring on, bring plastic wrap with you and put in around the elastic on the suit so you prevent the dreaded brown stains on the outside of your suit. That looks horrible from the audience and the Judges chair. Most men have a tendency to let that one happen. Pay attention.

Good luck in your competitions and take care of those suits!!!

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