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Merry Christine Bodywear

Women's Ready-to-wear Competition Suits Overview

Photo by Dan Ray

Ready-to-wear suits offer a great way to own a Merry Christine suit at an affordable price. They are available for both men and women and are easy to design and order online. You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and prints. Women's suits can be ordered with or without Swarovski crystals.

Suit Top Size

The top size is mostly based on your cup size or the size of your breast implants if you have them. Depending on what is appropriate for your category, you may want to get a smaller or larger top size depending on how much breast you want to show on stage.

Suit Bottom Size

Select a suit bottom size based on the length of your torso. On the buy page I give some guidance related to your height, however you will know better whether your torso is longer or shorter regardless of your height.

Settings Options

I use both Swarovski and Preciosa crystals on the ready-to-wear suits. Depending on the setting, I use crystal sizes from 5ss (1.7 to 1.9mm) up to 20ss (4.6 to 4.8mm). To support the fast turnaround guarantee on the ready-to-wear suits, you get to select either clear and aurora borealis crystals.

Even Setting This setting uses 16ss crystals evenly set over the entire suit.

Galaxy Setting This setting uses between 5ss and 20ss crystals in a high end complex setting resembling the galaxy. I set all the crystals free hand which makes each suit unique.

How long will it take?

After you place an order for your suit online, the suit will be made and shipped within four days. Shipping times depend on your location.


Suits are shipped via UPS.

Women's and men's suits are treated the same for shipping. The shipping would be the same for one women's suit and one men's suit as it would be for two women's suits.

United States

$15 for the first suit

$5 for additional suits


$20 for the first suit

$5 for additional suits


$25 for the first suit

$5 for additional suits

Anyone ordering from outside the U.S. is responsible for extra surcharge fees. The purchase from my site is for the suit and basic international shipping only.

No Return Policy

Due to the nature of this product there is a "no return" policy, so please pay attention to the size chart. The bottoms and the torso's are based on height, not by how wide you are, because if you are fit for a show, that should not be an issue. The bottoms are wider than my couture suits so you have some amateur room.