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My Secret to Survival

Fresh from the garden

I am often asked even though I answer the same way every time how I stay fit and do not look my age. I will first say I do not ever try to hide how old I am, nor do I make major attempts to not look my age. For me it is about survival without depending on doctors and drugs.

I hear people say, and post on social media the wonderful words of how they are going to enjoy life and eat the chocolate cake and drink the cocktails and wine and go to their graves enjoying life. Well guess what? It isn't that easy. You WILL end up first being set on drugs prescribed by doctors to not cure the illnesses but help you live without the pain or help organs function and even then your liver eventually has enough and only then it's time to die.

I don't fear death if it is a bad accident, but I refuse to end up in a hospital where I have tubes in me. Meaning some stupid illness most likely caused by negligence and laziness or what most say "Enjoying life".

Okay, now my secret which is not a secret. I have been drinking the same damned green juice for over 30 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en9awuu6Tvc&t=6s I made a video on YouTube a bit over a month ago showing what I put into it and how to juice it. That really is the honest answer from me. Of course I have other strict regimens but that one is the key.

Over a decade ago I thought I had to puff my lips up and use Botox to make my face look younger but after two whole years of morphing my face I realized that I notice every single other lady that had the same procedures. We all look the same! Big fat duck lips with no expression. I looked in the mirror one day and realized I did not know that woman in the mirror.

So since then I completely embrace my aging and it all has to do with the mechanics of my body. No aches and pains, quick recovery from injuries, if any, and feeling energetic. However, sleeping IS one of my favorite pastimes (smiley face)

This amount of roots and greens every day....

Turns into this.