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My Opinion On Health And Wellness

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I am now officially a "Senior Citizen". As crazy as it sounds, it actually excites me. Why? Well, for one thing I am still alive. And right up there with that I am extremely healthy. I am constantly asked how I manage to look so good at 55. And I say the same thing I did when asked the same question at 45, I eat well.

My whole theory about health and wellness goes like this; Organs first, joints and bones second, and everything else is just a bonus. This is why I was in conflict with myself during the years I competed in figure and bodybuilding, for, in order to achieve that "winning" look you have to compromise your health. I have always said it takes a healthy person to compete in physique oriented competitions, for it is NOT healthy to prepare for the stage. There is a food deprivation involved that is essential to winning, but detrimental on health.

I fell into this whole bodybuilding physique oriented world over 30 years ago by being in a bodybuilding gym and members asked me to make suits for their competitions.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I will get to the point. Nutrition is first and foremost when it comes to health and longevity. I do NOT mean "looking" younger than you are, I mean being able to wake up with no aches and pains. To be able to get down on your knees and stay there without having to get up because they hurt. To bend over and tie a shoe without huffing and puffing, or better yet, to lift your foot up and tie it while standing on one foot. To have no aches and pains in any joints, and not run out of breath just because you have to climb a set of stairs. This all begins with what you put in your mouth.

No one blinks an eye when it comes to taking prescribed drugs from a medical doctor. But, from my experience, when telling someone who has asked, that taking certain foods out, and adding certain foods in is just too much trouble, mainly because they don't want to give up a food, and does not like the clean flavor of an alternative.

I get asked what I eat, I tell them, and they cringe. Well, if you ask, I will be honest.

I do not mean to make my first blog post in years to be long and drawn out, but, due to the amazing amount of people that have asked me to 'help" them with a diet, even willing to pay for it, I am willing to start writing frequently on my blog, posting my nutritional beliefs. This way I do not have to repeat myself over and over again, for it gets redundant in my head. I do not believe in charging someone for a "diet program" My nutritional beliefs are so basic that it seems like it could never work. What do you mean not spending $$$$$$ on supplements? You mean I shouldn't be drinking protein drinks? What about leg day? I can't even be critical about these kind of comments because it has been beaten in our heads for, well, mostly in the past 2 decades.

I understand, to a point, when someone makes the comment "Well, you are so lucky to have the time to make your food fresh." However, I find it quite pathetic that anyone would compromise their health to go do something else than prepare their food for themselves. Convenience? Who has touched that prepared food you buy, frozen, boxed, canned, or now, the pre-made, shipped to your door competition meals? One must look around and the mass cases of food related diseases due to contaminated foods. And it is only going to get worse. And about time, I have always managed to prepare my own meals, no matter how crazy it got in my world, for I humbly care about myself.

I will dedicate the time to categorically post frequently my theory on nutrition to share with anyone that cares enough about their overall health and wellness. Yes, even bodybuilders. I have had many, oh so many wonderful mentors in my past, and through each of them something would click, and I would store it in my thoughts like a Rolodex.

The most important lesson someone very dear said to me many years ago was "Common Sense". It is humbling to have common sense, but in the long run, well, it has worked for me. Stay tuned.