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How to Order Couture Suits

Please read all of the information on this page thoroughly before contacting me about ordering a Merry Christine Bodywear competition suit.

Notes on Ready to Wear Suits

While this page may provide some useful information for buyers of ready to wear suits, the information regarding those suits is on the ready to wear suits area of the website. Ready to wear suits are sold online so the ordering information on this page doesn't apply to them.

Before Getting Started

If you are looking at this page, meaning you are interested in having me create for you, it is extremely important you read this before going further, especially if you were not sent by a referral.

When I decide to take someone on to make suits for, it is a personal project to me no matter who it is. Therefore, I will not just take anyone who has the money to buy a suit.

First and foremost, you must be fit. As fit as the competitors on the pages of this site. It does not matter how beautiful my suits are, if you are not tight, they will not make you look any better.

I do not change the cut on my suits. The only reason they look different on the competitors is because their bodies are all different. I make these suits based on height, weight, and breast info. That’s it.

I will not discuss color of the suits until I am ready to cut them, usually one month before your show. I do fall behind due to the fact that I do not know how hard one setting will be over another, but I never miss a contest date, even if it means I don’t workout or sleep myself. The crystal work is based on how much you spend. I understand everyone wants bling, but you get what you get, and I NEVER spare when it comes to setting suits.

If you were not sent here by a referral, it is extremely important you understand these things. This work is truly painstaking and I cannot work with anyone that does not respect this. This is a vanity type of sport, totally by choice. Hard training and respect for everyone involved is the utmost important.

If you can handle all I have said here, then read on all the way to the bottom and feel free to contact me.


Domestic: $55.00 and up

International: $60.00 and up

Suits are only shipped overnight. Since they're one of a kind, the suits can't be replaced no matter how much insurance I purchase so I take great care when shipping these items.

Terms and Conditions

My schedule is very busy and any cancellations or returns would directly result in a loss of business due to the advance notice necessary to order one of my suits. Because of this, I have the following terms and conditions with no exceptions.

  • All sales are final.

  • No returns or exchanges.

  • There will be a 30% retainment fee on any cancelled orders.

  • I do not duplicate suits, even my own. The pictures I have on this site are to give you examples of my art. If you like one of the suits in the pictures, I can do the same color and knowing you like the setting will give me an idea of where to go with my design.

  • I must have full artistic freedom.

Ordering and Payment for Couture Suits

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