Fad Diets

Out of control diets and calling it “Paleo”

I am going to go on a rant. The industry I have been involved with for four decades is completely out of control when it comes to diet. You’ve got the terms "fasting", "macros", "fasted cardio", "Paleo", and "refeeding". The ones that are new to the industry are going to completely uneducated people calling themselves diet coaches or trainers after competing in a show or two. It is so important to do your homework finding a diet coach or personal trainer.

This picture is a perfect example of the “latest” diet craze, even though this is just a perfect example of the Atkins diet from three decades ago. Here’s the problem. The logic behind fats and no carbs is really about quality fats. If you are going to trade your foods from carbs to fats it should be LEAN meats and PLANT fats. You can get the cholesterol fats from the coconut oils, then the omega fats from hemp, macadamia, walnut, almond etc. Bacon is a terrible source of protein and fat. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bacon. High in sodium and horrible cholesterol fats. Egg yolks are a source of multi vitamins, but more than one or two it is again not a safe fat. Dairy? I won’t even go there. Avocado is another controversial situation. It is considered a lectin, or nightshade food as well as tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, etc. Your liver is sensitive to sugars, but did you know that it is also sensitive to fats? So overdose of fats can do the same damage as sugars/starches.

My body is my canvas

My food is my paint

The irons I pump
are my sculpting tools

My posing suit
frames the end result

Living art