Custom Fitness Competition Suits

Custom fitness competition suits designed by Merry Christine.

The fitness competition suit is the most time consuming and intense suit I make. Fitness suits can be in any shape or size with any creative option you can imagine. Fitness suits also have the most crystals and special options of any suit.

You can have a lot of input into most of the design aspects of a fitness competition suit. Most people tell me their concept and we work together closely to figure out the actual design of the suit that will express the ideas they want.

If you wear a Merry Christine fitness competition suit, you will stand out and everyone will know you are a competitor to be reckoned with.


Fitness competition suits start at $3,000. Payment plans are available.


See pictures of my custom fitness competition suits here.

My body is my canvas

My food is my paint

The irons I pump
are my sculpting tools

My posing suit
frames the end result

Living art