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Christmas Rush!!!

So, the best thing I have to say a shout out to is the fact that one of the two dearest friends I have from the industry has finally let out and I am allowed to say DAVANA HAS HAD HER BABY AND SHE IS THREE MONTHS OLD AND WAS BORN ON 9/11, AND HER NAME IS DAVELA!!!! I could have killed her for not telling me, but I totally understand. With all of the crap she has been through, she and her husband kept it to themselves and she was very careful to keep her health and now they are very proud parents to the mini "Diva".................................

The other of the two is on his way here to hang out in the snowy hills for a couple of days to chill out in the mountains, Big Daddy X-Man. Toney is my kindred spirit and he inspires me like no other. I am so happy and excited for him too, for he has a whole new turn in his life that is making him the happiest I have ever seen him.

I have had a huge amount of people asking me if I am going to be attending the Arnold. I am about 50/50 on it this year. If I go, it will mainly be because Toney is competing, and then my darling Island friends, Millie and Winston will be competing in the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding. So I will try to make the time to do that. As far as people wanting to see me there, and visa versa. Dang! You know how hard that is?? Any other show you can guarantee to meet someone, somewhere at a show, but the Arnold? Columbus Ohio is insane that weekend. I will know by mid January if I am going.

I am going to be starting my 08 suits January 1st. I will at some point put up some of my 2007 suits to show off my art from last year. I have a totally grooooooovy new webmaster that has no "issues" and he is incredibly advanced in the website stuff. So my couture site, and the MCB site will be gradually changing. The MCB site will be changing for the better. It will be much easier to access the pages and order form. Sorry for the amatuer way it has been. It will be much better in 08 and so will the product. I just needed to find someone who really knew how to put a site together.

If I don't get back on here before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL THAT READ THIS!!!