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Merry Christine Bodywear

Cara Cate's Winning Bikini

I knew this color would look great on Cara!
Cara Cate in her Merry Christine Bodywear bikini

My client Hannah Hartman referred Cara Cate to me. Cara called me up to order a suit and had the great experience of coming to my studio in person have it made. When a client comes to my studio they look through my fabrics, connectors, and crystals to make selections. I make the suit while they are here. Once that process is done, they get to focus on their training while I finish the suit with my beautiful crystal work.

We chose a new mauve Italian Lycra and beautiful Czech crystal connectors made in the Czech Republic. She chose the Galaxy A crystal setting with silver and mauve crystals. We selected my popular feature of breast pockets with tear drop silicone enhancers.

Front and back version of Cara Cate in her Merry Christine Bodywear bikini