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I am soooo looking forward to this new year! 

I was driving to my monthly o-zone colonic this past week and on the radio news comes another report of yet another man shooting up a business, killing 4, then he gets killed, justifiably by the police.  What is going on that all of these MEN, white and black, that feel the need to take a few other peoples lives along with themself!  What happened to just knocking themself off?  Why do they feel the need to make it so damned dramatic?  Pussy Fuckers.....  I really try to keep my language polite on this blog but that is the ONLY thing I can think of when I hear the radio or TV with this news.

And what is the deal with all of the child abductions??  Is this just because of more media coverage, or has this been going on and no one new because of  lack of coverage?  I don't know, it just seems really strange..

So I guess I will start with a few peaves like I did last year...get them off my chest....

Here's one my muses will love....WHAT IS UP WITH THIS????

Julies suit was barely kooled off from the Olympia,,,,,and THIS shows up at a pro show after the O....

Please ............don't EVEN try to say that was YOUR original design whoever you are that made that one...  Poor Jules................no originality....we always get copied....I have to accept the fact that times have changed in this industry and people WILL have no pride in being individual.  I know, I know,,,,I need to grow up!

Never been very politically vocal on my blog, but, ....I wish Mr. Barack O'Bama would spend less time being the greatest actor/celebrity, spending an incredible amount of time, traveling all over the country and world making his "momentus" speaches trying to get people to love HIM, not our country, and just stay in his office and do his JOB.   GEESH!! 

Substance abuse.  I tried, really I did, to enjoy a toke or two, make some hard liquor drinks, entertaining the people who like this.  I am not, the type of person that needs these substances to enjoy company or life in general.  Even though I don't thoroughly understand, I can accept that there are people that need to do this.  What I don't understand is why I am so tabu, because I DON"T LIKE TO DO IT!!

Annnd........WHY do people at the gym spend more time cleaning the workout equipment than actually TRAIN on it!!  OMG!!!  I get dizzy with these people walking back and forth to the cleaning agents making sure their bodies don't get contaminated??........Is this just my neck of the woods, or does this happen in the other 49???  I love the fact that they will scrub out the seat of a machine with the anti bacterial spray and dirty cloth, then have NO problem walking over and sticking thier faces right in the ol' community water fountain!

Liars.................I no longer have any patience whatsoever for liars.  I was watching a movie called "The Return of the Secret Garden" one day, and in one scene where the actress Jane Plowright (not sure if that is the right spelling) says to one of the orphans after she appologized for placing  one lie on top of another to apease, Jane says,  "No need to appologize, a liar lives in a hell of her own making.".   Wow.  Never thought of that.  I have always felt so offended when lied to, never considering the person doing so has to spend every day making sure the can cover all the lies they have been telling with better lies.

Here's a shocker to me.  I was discreetly picked on racially last year when I was in Vegas last year by the people I was graced to be in the presence with.  Not just for being white, but being a country hick.  Not that it offended me, really.  But it has left me scratching my head to this day. 

WAH!  WHA!  WAH!  WHA!!!...............

Okay, well, when I run in the morning is when I think of the great ones, but alas, I get back all I can think about is breakfast!  After that, my brain is alllll mushed up....

So I will leave this first blog with a wonderful quote from Ronald Reagan I read off of an equine supply website...........he said;

"There is nothing so good for the inside of a man, than the outside of a horse."