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Way to go Randy!

I am much better writing my "pithy" thoughts on this blaaawg, then writing about things that go on with my personal life. However, I am sensing it is necessary to write about some stuff about the Arnold weekend.

Toney Freeman is a good friend of mine, and in fact he is the only male bodybuilder I make suits for. If anyone has seen him perform that knows my work, they have already figured that out. But his suit at the Arnold, I cannot take the credit.

Last summer, some punk ass little f-cks broke into my garage and stole my car for a joyride. I was furious so my buddy Tom turned me onto his friend Randy Morrison. Randy, a Navy Veteran, Sturgis photographer extrodinaire, and firearms expert, took me under his wing and taught me everything I now know and love about firearms. So he and I are always going to indoor and outdoor ranges to shoot. In fact I have even turned my mother into an "Annie Oakley". Please understand that I am a "legal", licensed firearms owner, and member of the NRA.

So, Randy was here when Toney sent over his routine music and he was completely inspired. He took 30-06, 308, 223, and FN 5.7 x 28 bullets, and one 50 cal., tumbled them, polished them, and drilled the holes in them, then we riveted them onto Toney's suit. If you go to www.bodybuilding.com, www.musculardevelopement.com, or www.flexonline.com you can see his evening performance pictures. On www.bodybuilding.com you can even see the replay of the night show where he is #5 or 6 on stage and you can watch the whole routine. Oh, yea, I think I have some on this site of mine on the men's bodybuilding page...duh....

Anyway, it was incredible. I can't imagine what people were thinking when he put those on and started pumping up back stage.

So I need to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Randy. It was a total hit, and even though you might not think so, those blisters on your hands were totally worthy................................You busted your ass to get those done, and successfully completed your vision.