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TV Discipline

Okay so my update on the TV strike.................I lasted 2 1/2 days. The weather was so cold and rainy here I just HAD to watch the news to find out if we were going to get any decent weather. Then from there I would go from music to more news. Then back to my "Chiller" chanel (scary movies). So I did not last a week, that's for sure but it did make me realize I can survive without it. I forgot how good it is to just have music on. I will listen to anything from hardcore rap to classical. That is how I change my moods. In fact I listen to classical when I hit the freeway, which is not that often, but the drivers scare the crap out of me, so I zen out with the classical music.

Okay, I am going to slightly speak my peace about this whole National judging thing for figure and the constant attack on my one piece suits. Are they REALLY that bad?? I just don't know what to do as far as changing them. The request's seem to be so slight that it seems rediculous. Are they REALLY noticing such minor details. And one girl told me that MY suit was not "bling" enough...........huh?

Anyway, I am playing with it. I myself am making some slight changes on the suits but if the judges still aren't liking it, then, well, maybe I should get back to my interior design. .............??

That being said I need, for once, to mention a couple of girls I work with. Bea, I think you are a beautiful person and you come on that stage so picture perfect. And Jennifer, for wearing my suits for the first time (one piece being a gift from her husband) you sure put that on the stage first class. I have had the most wonderful experience this year with the girls I am working with this year. I have fallen behind and I am forever trying to catch up, but even with that, everyone is so understanding and the love they send back to me makes it all worth the artistic stress.................

I have this girl I made suits for back in, I think 03 for the first time. She was a pudgy red head with an attitude. Attitude toward working out I think, not personal thing. So anyway she is ordering suits from me for October this year. She is the first picture on my one piece page right now. When she emailed me for suits this time and sent the pictures I just about fell on the floor! She is so damned lean and absolutely stunning! She reminded me of one day back in 03 when she came over here to pick up her suits and I chewed her out for being so pudgy, chewing her out for eating too much oatmeal and I made her do cardio here and boy, she was NOT happy. I totally forgot about that. To see her now and how beautiful she is from her learned discipline, I am dying to see her on stage this year, let alone how fun it is going to be to make her suits. Her name is Stephanie. She has inspired me to get off my ass and do some cardio!

As I sit here and type I am falling behind on work again, so alas, I must close this babble and get back to work..................................BUT I must leave something good at the end, so the other day listening to music on the satelite an song from India Arie, I think that is how her name is spelled was singing a song that said this;

"There's hope.........It don't cost a thing to smile.....................You don't have to pay to laugh................You better thank God for that!"

I had to stop working and write that down.................................................Have a good one!