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To Salt, or not to Salt....

My niece Lucy in a Merry Christine Swan Lake tutu

My niece Lucy in a Merry Christine Swan Lake tutu

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I try sooo hard to not sound like a broken record, but I just can't help it. My personal life has absolutely no drama, so if I am going to blog, it is going to be about things I contemplate.

Okay, okay, I have an amazing Percheron that actually pulled his first logs a couple of weeks, ago, AND,,,,I have the most amazing sister in law, Annie, who is the bestest mommy on the planet. But if I carried on about those two topics I would drive everyone crazy because they are my mostest favoritest things!!

Okay, down to business. I am a rose junkie. I love the flavor of rose. It is very hard to find TRUE rose flavor. I spend a grip on the only true honest rose oil, and just recently found rose salt. So this place has a natural flavored rose salt, I order it, smells amazing. I put a wet finger in it and set it on my tongue......YEEEOUCH!!! Burned the crap out of my tongue! Then I noticed it was sea salt. IF, I use salt, I have only used Redmonds mineral salt, and have for years. So I put my finger in the mineral salt, and sure enough, it did not burn my tongue. I know nothing about the difference between sea salt and mineral salt. I was told back on 07, when I was competing, by Mr. X-Man to keep the "Redmonds" mineral salt in my gym bag in case I cramped up, or felt dizzy. Since then, I have always used it when I feel the need to. Now, I do know the minerals salts are brownish, the sea salts are pure white. I imagine the sea salts have some benefits, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think I am going to stay with the mineral salt. I don't use salt that much anyway, for I feel the only time I need to worry about salt intake is when I work, and train heavily. So......I have been using my rose sea salt for cleaning my cast iron pans. I am assuming everyone that uses cast iron knows you are to clean them with salt, dry them on the stove, then rub them with a thin layer of oil. That is how you keep your cast iron cookware seasoned, SAFELY.

Another thing... I was watching the television this morning and this add came on. The person was sitting at a table, staring at this dark green glass of juice with this horrible look on her face. Then it moved on to a picture of Centrum vitamins. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I will tell you this. I AM one of those totally crazy people that drinks that fresh green juice every morning. It IS nasty. But I would rather suck that shit down with a straw and cringe for a matter of less than a minute and have the fresh enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in my system, than pop some stupid microscopic pill, that has "clinical proven facts" to have all the same advantages of that nasty, horrible, glass of green fear! Yea, take a pill, it will fix everything.

Now, since this is a website for competition suits, it dawned on me to mention a couple of things pertaining to that matter. I WILL be making bikinis, and will have a page to purchase ready to wear bikinis in the next couple of weeks. I am going to make a $60.00 basic bikini with a lot of different fabrics to choose from. And YES, I AM MAKING JULIE PALMERS WEDDING DRESS! It is not a secret. Julie has been telling people from the start. I just don't because I have a ton of stuff going on around me here and what is the point? The fun part will be when she does wear it walking down the isle. THEN,,,,it will be fun to talk about.

And now, the fact that I have left my desk twice since starting this blaaawg......Once to feed horses, and then to blow off my driveway, (in the pouring down rain). my mind has gone blank again. So sorry. Thought I had something of some importance to say..........But alas, I need to set crystals.