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Ooooooo...I love my birthday gloves!!!

Ooooooo...I love my birthday gloves!!!

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First thing I must say is MAAAAAAAAN I LOVE THE MOVIE LIMITLESS!!!!! It is definitely an inspiring movie. I am sure some reading this may think I am nuts for saying that, and yes, I agree. Nonetheless, that is how I walked away from that movie. RIGHT....ON!!

It is amazing how much you learn about people on facebook. It is definitely an eye opening experience. I would say, for me, about 1/4 of the info I see on my wall is truly inspiring, and I just post on my wall to share. I still have fear to say anything because, well, frankly, I don't want to look stupid. I very well could be, but I am not going to expose myself to the social network. He, all I really want to do is show off my horse and that can be reduntant. He's my best best friend and I just love him to death. (Sorry Shannon and Wilz)

I don't know why, but I was thinking this morning about a time when my paternal Grandmother fell off of a table in a hospital room because she had no one in there with her to help or watch. My Grandparents were adament not to sue the hospital. Many would have surely done so, but they did not see the point. So after Grandmother died, her oldest daughter and husband tried to take me to court to make me take and pay for my Grandmothers dolls, as stated in her will. Somehow that was put in her will. Anyway, I just thought it was odd. Some people will really do anything for a buck. And I never did fall for the whole BS deal. It happened years ago, but for some reason when I was thinking about how stupid people can be, that came into my head.

I'm participating a bit in the mornings with a friend of mine that hosts a radio show called "Fit You" on FTNS.CO radio. The FIRST all fitness radio station on the internet and you can get an app for it on your I-Phone. Kelly Dubois is an awesome friend that came back into my life thanks to "Facebook". I found HER. So her show is all about logical, achievable, nutrition and strenght training. I absolutely love being a part of it because it is "Wholesome".

Dieting again is easy, the cardio is not. Not the actual physical part of it, but the time consuming part of it. I try to justify the hours of training instead of chores, working, horse stuff, and family, just to get back on stage and show everyone "I still have it!". Well, I have been relating it to my car. Yea, I have a license plate on the front of my Camaro SS! "I" know what is under that hood! I don't have to "Be Too Cool To Have a Front License Plate!" I just keep telling myself that............If you don't get what I am saying, forget about it.

Today, I have been in my shop ALL DAY, since 10:00am. Almost 10:pm, still working. Know why? Godfather marathon on AMC. I do not know why, but everytime the Godfather is on, I cannot leave. I have the DVD set. An addiction? YUP! Cannot deny! Good for work though.

I love MBT's and Sketcher Shape Ups. They really, really do work, at least for me. I love training in them even though they say not to. They have honestly put balance in strength in my stride...Oh...Yea....

Still deadhead on the bikini thing. Cannot get my head wrapped around it. I am sure it has to do with an incident earlier this year with a bikini pro that blindsided me. Didn't see it coming and a long friendship disolved. Sad.............well, not so much anymore. I pity someone who is so shallow. EVERYONE GETS OLD GIRL!! Everyone gets old, and you will too. So go for it!

Hmmmmmmmm, oh yea, Mercury is now in retrograde until the 26th,.......so,..........better get off the damn computer. Hanker down. Lay low. Don't go startin nottin. Keep your head clear, and don't get frustrated when things break down! It always gets better if you get off your ass and make it happen............

One of the posts on my Facebook said "How you treat me is your karma. How I react is mine." Whoa, that really made me slow down and think about it. I printed that out and put it in my kitchen so I see it everyday. I need to work on that................