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The Vanity of Humanity

I have to say that the ego and vanity of the ones I work for definitely defeat me.  Leave it at that.

I was going to touch on the whole "jogging" theory.  I have an aquaintance/client that sent me a link to her website.  One of the articles addressed joggers, in a nutshell saying that they are wasting their time if they "think" they are doing something healthy.  That is such a Pandora's box, man.  I am a jogger so I can easily address this AND defend the average "Joe Jogger". 

I believe that the majority of joggers are doing it for the endorphine high.  Plain and simple, the mental release.  You have your "I am going to wake up tomorrow and start taking care of myself" jogger, and usually they do not last that long, I feel, because they are out of thier normal element.  But once you hit that "high" it is addicting and a hell of a lot better than a fat burner and "gym cardio" first thing in the morning.   The only negative thing I think about when I see people running in area's where there is traffic is the exhaust fumes they are taking into thier lungs.  That is a tough one. 

My first experience with jogging was in 1978.  I wanted to jog to control my weight.  After a couple of weeks I noticed how HUGE my calves were and I had a freak attack, so I started jumping rope instead.  Hehe....we know what happened there.  So, bottom line is, I have NEVER trained my calves to this day.  Big deal....  When I lived in NYC I lived two blocks from Central Park, north east side, so I loved getting up at 5am and running the horse trail.  Soft dirt and IN the woods.  Extremely nice.  I had dogs and at least back then it was a commisioner courtesy you could have your dogs off the leash until 8am.   Since 1991 I have lived back in the Great Northwest and I run every single morning with my dogs in the woods with absolutely no humans and the cleanest air you could possibly imagine.   Mentally, I could not move forward with my day without the run.

Now all of that being said, I have never considered that a workout.  I still go to the gym and pump iron, then I do my cardio.  Either on my step mill, eliptical, step and glide, jump rope, all of which I consider good intense training. 

I am fortunate, or should I say disciplined enough to be able to do all of the training.  But when you see the people running on the side streets, on the treadmills in the gym, or around the parks, at least give them the credit for doing something for their cardiovascular system.  And most likely they are a kinder people for doing so.  They may not necessarily be "lean and muscular", but I can guarantee you they are doing it for themselves, and not to impress anyone. 

The cool part about it is, anyone that can stand on their own two feet can run.  Any of them can partake in a marathon and say they did something.  And a lot of people that overcome obesity enter marathons.  It's a cool thing.  And it's awesome being cool..........................So keep jogging!!