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The Concept of Healing

Understanding the process of healing after injury
Woman sitting on concrete with steel rods in her leg due to a Pilon Fracture.

Having a Frida Kahlo moment.

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Until I incurred an injury, I had not truly understood the process of healing. My goal has always been to prevent injury and illness, therefore, humbly, I looked down on anyone that would allow, or ignorantly allow something tragic to happen to them.

Three months ago, I found out I am not invincible. There are some accidents, no matter how strong or healthy you are, will break you. Of course jumping off of a horse at 30 mph will definitely cause some sort of negative repercussions. Pilon Fracture is the most severe ankle injury. Not common for a woman over 50.

I will leave this as it is for now, because this is my first blog in, I think, years. This is just a test to see if I still have it in me. Oh yes, I do.

To be continued.