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So here is the kicker...........My peeps know I was at the Olympia this past week working with my little bro, Toney Freeman. How many years have I been making suits for the female competitors in this industry?? A few decades, yes? How many fitness and figure suits have I made? WHO comes up with all of the groovy designs that everyone tries to outdo or copy? Yes, of course, ME! How many times have I ever got a good word out of a female commentator about my suits,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0. So this weekend I finally get props. NO, of course not from the girls...................Mr. Dave Palumbo gives me a shout out on a No Bull O review, www.musculardevelopment.com , thats who! He gives me some credit for making my big daddy's awesome trunks. Of course saying they were probably worth 20 grand didn't help, but I know he was just smitten by them, that's all. I met him for the first time this weekend when he came over to our pad for a bit. What an incredibly funny and great dude. So, I am giving a SHOUT OUT!!!...............back at ya, Mr. Palumbo, thanks for noticing........

I didn't get a chance to go to the expo and see all the great gals I adore so much, for I was focused on the project at hand, WHICH went successfully. But I did get to see a few gals, and I must say Ms. Bea Fox, is one of the sweetest gals in the industry. Thanks for helping Sunday by making the bacon!

If you haven't gone to www.bodybuilding.com for the Olympia webcast, you really must. At least to watch Toneys performance. It is amazing. Everything just clicked this weekend. We had this down perfectly. He may have been stuck in the fifth place spot, but DAMN, that crowd was showing him some love. And when we walked outside the arena after the show, he was greeted with hundreds of fans throwing the X arms in the air and chanting his name. It was completely surreal. I think that people feel his sufferage. He competes at so dang many shows. Has his GREAT wins, and a few wierd placings, but he ALWAYS performs for his fans. He always has the time to give someone a hug if they approach him. And LAWDY, LAWDY, just wait till the Arnold..................................................He is a professional, he knows what he needs to do. With this man, age has nothing to do with it. He IS a SHOWMAN. And he loves doing it.

So now, I am with a fresh plate, getting ready to start on more suits, and I will let my crazy brain go forward, and MAYBE I can come up with some more crazy toughts to put down for your entertainment.

Promise I will try............................................