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Just a tease

Just a tease

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Okay, I am taking a deep breath, standing back, and realizing everything just might be okay. It has been a year since this bikini thing has been going on with the NPC and now IFBB. In the beginning, I heard "off the rack bikini's". So why do I even bother? Not my thing. As last year went on, and I had a couple of tries at it, I still didn't get it. Not small enough, no bling, little, bling, maybe bling extenders, channel sets, no glueing bling, okay to glue bling. What the hell do they want??? So just give up and leave it to the, suit makers that get it, and get away with charging a grip of $$. After all, they - get - it.

This weekend was the Arnold Classic/Miss International in Ohio. First Pro bikini at the Arnold. Interesting, every single one of the bikini's are fully crystalled. My dearest friends Jim and Shannon came up here with a beautiful muse, unknown, perfect bod, Caitlin Sherry. I hope that is how it is spelled. In a matter of hours I made up 5 different versions of "uncrystalled" suits to sell on the ready to wear. So I will have a page up within the week, for ready to wear orders, along with some really fun prints. The lowest priced suit will be $60.00, and I am sure the most expensive ready to wear will be the same as the figure suits.

THEN, what the heck, I will do couture bikinis. Now that I understand how SMALL they are suppose to be it will be a breeze to make some one of a kind crystalled bikinis. How exciting! This is just the thing to pull me out of this winter rut.