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Open your eyes..........

It doesn't matter where you live, in a house or a cardboard box, every time you open your eyes, there is opportunity for adventure. Heard something like that on a cartoon this week.

I am finally caught up!!! Now if I can just stay focused I will stay that way. I AM a crystalholic. I have absolutely no control over my obsession with crystals. They completely take me over. You see, it's not the suits, or making the suits that keep me motivated. It is the crystal. If I am not making suits, I am setting crystal in mortar, on walls, statues, I just can't stop. I AM AN ADDICT.

Okay now that I have that off my chest.................Last year, on my old blog page, I was open about my distress over intense hand pain. I was going for accupuncture twice a week, trying to avoid the inevitable, surgery. I would wake up in the middle of the night literally wanting to cut my hands off the pain was so intense. I was constantly applogizing to my clients, for I was dragging my ass on my work, shaking my hands out every five minutes. I would drive my car with my hands spread open. I used hooks on my wrists to pump iron. It was a complete nightmare. My buddy, Toney started hankering on me to take in more essential oils. Continually preaching on me to get off the carbs and start taking in the good fats. I protested for a while, but finally figured what have I got to loose?

I started out using flax oil. Then I looked into other EFA's and learned about hemp oil. I have a weird way of testing oils. I put EVERY oil in the fridge. Even olive oil will get a little solid in the fridge. Flax gets thick, but not solid in any way. The hemp oil stays runny like water. First understand it has NO THC in it, so don't get weird on me. It IS green and has a green flavor, so I use it in my greens all the time. It has been a year and I cannot remember the last time my hands hurt on me. Oh..........that's a lie. Christmas season, and over this 4th of July week, I got slight numbness in my left hand. Guess why? I junked out on sugar, simple starch, not enough greens and NO hemp oil. When you are eating crap, who the hell even THINKS of eating something good for you? At least until you feel suicidal and can't wake up in the morning.

Now Toney has turned me on to this Shark oil from a company called Seabiotics, www.seabiotics.com . The Alkyl Transfactor, and the Sealyte, energized structured sea minerals, is what I get. The Alkyl Transfactor is shark liver oil. There is a video you can watch. Then the Sealyte is GREAT for putting in your water ESPECIALLY for working out. Pure, no crap in it like the sports drinks you spend a ton on.

So I am not getting anything out of promoting it. I am just saying, well, that stuff does not get solid in the fridge either.........................ja know? So between that and the hemp oil, I have become invincible!

Uh, well, at least I can get a grip............oh gawd!

Anyway, as much as I am here alone, working day after day, I have a zillion squillion things go on in my head. Once I sit down to BLAWG........ugh! ......................My mind usually goes BL.......................