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Obsession Confession...........

I am not sure I will be able to make this contest I have been training for.  I am spending way too much time with my horses instead of the extra cardio.  I love my Thourobred, but the connection I have with the Percheron is something I have never experienced.  No question this guy has me wrapped around his.........hoof!  I enjoy being in the barn with the horses, grooming them and riding them.  They are both crazy and I wouldn't want them any other way.  At the gym, all of my training is based on how I ride and the physical way I control them on and off the saddle.  All it takes is one split second and if you have any weak points, believe me, you will find it.  These two are both HUGE animals.

It is now officially fall, and in my neck of the woods, where we are fortunate enough to have extreme seasonal change, it is soooooooo hard not to think about apple pie and other nostalgia foods that always come with the cold weather.  A nice warm fire, a couch, a blanket, apple pie, and a good movie.  Ahhhhh yesssss............   Of course with that, along comes contemplation, depression, and weight gain.  Does NOT seem fair, but it is just the way it is.  So we just get over it, get off our ass and move on.  You can always throw some cinnamon and nutmeg into your egg whites.  Soak some walnuts in water overnight and throw them in as well.  And all of the cruciferous sulferous greens are everywhere now, so have at them!

I do have a great source of wonderful tasty teas, full of nostalgic flavors  http://www.zhitea.com/   I am NOT getting any perks for pimping thier site, I am simply sharing something that I love.  I have literally DOZENS of different types of thier teas (One of my favorites, Vanilla Rose).  And I buy the big bags.  This is a great way to satisfy cravings of any type.  Add a little honey and you have a wonderful, satisfying desert replacement, believe me.  If that is not enough, put some rice milk in it!

So the weather here has started to get wet and somewhat gloomy.........IF.........you don't make the attemp to go outside.  Put on the rain gear, mud shoes and take off for a run.  Every single smell in the air is from some plant or the ground.  The variety of scent you cannot put in a jar, only the moment is to be enjoyed.  Sometimes I will stop and just stand to take a moment and breath the undescribed beautiful smell of nature.  For all of the wet and mud, there are beautiful leaves and branches.  There are squirrels, quails, deer, even an occasional shrew running across the path.  I take non of this for granted.  It is a gift from nature.

I might have written this last year, but it is one of my old poems I wrote living in NYC.  Living two blocks from Central Park I was fortunate enough to enjoy "almost" as much as I wrote about above.........

It's raining outside, there is no sun today

I'll have to stay inside, can't go out and play

I think about the ocean, or riding my bike in the park

Putting on my roller skates, but its too cold outside and dark

Maybe I should move south, where it is sunny throughout the year

Where the oceans warm, the skies are blue, and there is that sun I love so dear

But something keeps me here, this feeling I love for some strange reason

Something magical not found in the south, that magic known as change of the seasons...