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Once a month, I go to the Paracelcus Clinic, which is a 150 mile drive round trip, for an O-Zone colonic. www.paracelcusclinic.com explains what that is on the site. Dr. Dorman, who I absolutely respect and idolize, took the time the other day to visit with me a bit, for I have been putting myself through hell, trying to figure out my metabolism, strenth level, eating habits, and whatever else as a middle aged woman can do to be at peace with what is going on inside this tortured body.

I respect him even more now, if that is possible, for like a slap upside the head he set me straight. First of all, you cannot deny the fact that you are IN the middle age part of your life when you are reaching 50. However, since 2003, I took the bodybuilding competition part of my life a few steps further by changing my eating habits, training, and supplements, much further than I ever had in the 31 years of my normal resistance training. To the point that I was no longer listening to myself, and doing whatever "trainer" got in my face and took me on, like it was a great thing to have someone offer thier valuable time to make me "better" than I was before.

I still run 4 miles every morning with my dogs, but since 2003, I no longer rode my horses everyday, jumped rope an hour a day, or trained the way I had for decades. I gained 40 lbs of muscle, and I had may judges......................OH MY GOSH! MUST STOP!! I JUST HAVE MY VERY FIRST HUMMINGBIRD IN MY WINDOW FOR THE YEAR.................AAUUGGHH!!!!!

Okay, where was I? I am actually shaking with excitement right now for my hummingbirds are my utmost favorite things of nature....................whew! And is not today the first day of spring??? Wow, profound.......................

Oh yea, the judges last year at the contest I won overall told me that I had never looked better. But for weeks I looked at pictures and was so unhappy with the product that I would not even post any pictures on my site of the contest I finally won overall at with many competitors. (except the pictures on my about page with Shannon, and holding the coats) So I had to spend a LOT of time trying to figure out why.

I miss riding my horses. Training took over my time to do that. I miss jumping rope. It is not easy jumping rope for an hour with an extra 40 lbs on my 5'8" frame. I am ALWAYS hungry. I never use to even eat after 6pm. For the past 4 years I eat every 2 or 3 waking hours. Every time I feel I need to drop some weight I would go back on a contest diet and try to train so. And guess what? I gain more and more unhealthy weight.

So I thought something was wrong with my thyroid, mainly due to the fact I was taking thyroid drugs, along with other drugs when I was training for competitions. I was going in to get my blood drawn to have my thyroid checked and Dr. Dorman asked me why I wanted to do that? After I explained the whole situation he asked me, "If a well is drawn until it is dry does the water not come back?" Humbly I first said no, even though I HAVE a well in my front yard that always goes dry in the summer yet comes back after the first rain. The well has a water table that will always come back.

So for the past week, I have gone back to the exact way I ate, trained, and lived before 2003, and in one week I already have energy, time, and we will see how it goes as time goes by.

I am explaining this, for I know I am not the only gal that is going through this. It would not be an issue if I was going to still compete, which would mean I would still be training and taking the supplements needed to reach my goals. But I am ready to move on. I am a realist and one thing I have learned is, no matter how awesome my symmetry is, I have a backside that will never get me a good placing in the National level. Sometimes you have to face fact you cannot change. No point in hitting my head on a brick wall. And it is NO BIG DEAL. I am fortunate in that I am always involved in this industry for what I do with my suits. It does not mean I have to compete in it.

We all must respect ourselves enough to know how our bodies work. There are so many "trainers" out there that think they know all. And there are more women out there that trust them. And then you have all kinds of people out there that are so willing to give info that if you listened to everyone you would surely be a mess in the end. And if you are one of those that get messed up, you have no one to blame but yourself.

If you go to the Paracelsus clinic website link I gave above, click on to the articles, then click on to the "articles by title" and pick a read. I find everything he writes fascinating and most important, factual. I really hope you check it out. I never get sick or need to go to a regular doctor. If I had anything of concern I would surely go to this clinic.

All of this I said above, please understand I am not whining or complaining. I am just humbly admiting I made a mistake that many do in this industry. However, I am extremely resilient and I know I will be fine. I did not hurt myself physically or asthetically, I just went on a side road that was senseless and ego oriented.