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Speaking of Frenchie frogs.........I sure love my horse.  Turns out he likes champagne.  So I bought him his own champagne glass.  (I think I have mentioned before his breed comes from La Perche, France.)  He always surprises me with something new.  We are back home now and I cannot express how thankful I am for the lessons.  We are both better for it.  I must say, he AND I are definitely an outdoor duo.  Weather not being an issue.  We can handle it all.   I might add more pictures of Tankus here when Janelle sends over the ones she took.

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I have never had any fondness for the French, and Karl Lagerfeld is one designer that just scares me.  However, I happened across a low budget documentary on him last night, and I found, well, I really enjoyed hearing his opinion on everything.  He is very strange, extremely creative, and his creativity he credits to loving his time alone.  Cool Froggy.

I don't really have anything to say right now.  I am way too crammed with work.  So with that, training, working with Tankus, keeping the property up, I have not had an oportunity to ponder much.

However, I DID get pulled out of my house by my darling Adam and his girl Janelle.  They took me to see Avatar.  It is the one movie that every human being needs to see.  I hope, and bet it gets every academy award it has been nominated.   Wow, wow, wow, wow

Uh.....Oh yea, here, I wrote this down a week or so ago watching  William Shatners "Raw Nerve" interviewing Larry Flynt.  Apparently he was close to Jimmy Carters sister who is an Evangelical.  So Mr. Shatners asks him how his experience with religion went.  He took a deep breath and said "All religious people are bipolar.  All they need is a little lithium and they will be fine."

Don't get all roughed up on me, I believe in God.  I just thought that was funny.  Maybe true.