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Life Goes On............Yes?

Okay, so I am taking time to write something even though my brain is in scrambles. I just got back from the Arnold, trying to catch up with my work. Don't worry girls, I am on it. I have to rave about some peeps this time.

First, my dear husband, who has been in the middle of the Bearing Sea since December 29th, grunting the hurricane's that none of you EVER hear about down here because, well, I don't know why. They always go on this time of year. If it wasn't for him I would not be able to do what I do here. He is the most rugged man on the planet, YO.

Jay Howard, Jim Haggen, and Jim Jr., for cutting all of the fallen trees in my Medeval forest so I can run through again. That was a LOT of trees, so I am forever grateful.

Toney, my BFF forever. He is the most gracious man. He helps me become a better person. Better and better every time I am around him. A true gentle giant. We kick ass together. The best is yet to come..............For Shnizzle.....................

Last, I have to give a, ........I don't know what to say....A person who I most admire, and was so thankful I finally found, Dr. Thomas A. Dorman. A Doctor I could actually trust, has tragically past away. www.Paracelsusclinic.com If you go to his article page and read his writings you might understand. He took on people that the Medical system messed up and spit out, and helped them live a better life. He led an amazing life, and I am still numb since he just died on Tuesday. So I am just going to end this blog with one of my old poems that I feel is right for this time..............

There was a little girl

Her face had a special gleam

She always had a smile

She always liked to dream

Very special, this little girl

It seemed as if she had a special power

She'd light up everyone around her

Pretty as a fresh cut flower

Never showing signs of sadness

She always brought a sunny day

If anyone was feeling down

She'd take thier hand and make them play

One day the little girl died

No one could understand

Why God would take her away

Just washed her away in the sand

Her death made people realize

How lucky we really are

Don't worry about tomorrow

When today you can reach for the stars

For what its worth.................Okay, I have to get back to work...xo