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Keep Training!

Whenever someone gives me a funny look, then follows up with the expected question, "Why do you pump iron?" I always answer "Why do you brush your teeth?"

Get it?

I received an email this morning with yet another injury story. If I had the time and patience I would work with people and show them how they can do all the physical delights they wish without the outcome of permanent injury. I know I sound righteous, but damn, I am 48, and I do some crazy ass stuff and still never incure injuries. I have never lifted heavy in my life, but I have lifted all my life. I don't usually run balls to the wall, but I run every day of my life, between three and five miles a day on some very unorthodox land. And just for GP, I do my hour on the stepmill, incline treadmill, step and glide, or jumping rope every day. Why? Again, why do you brush your teeth. I feel sorry for people that just don't get it.

I am steadfast and stubborn, and no one can convince me that resistance training is not the answer to all physical ailments. If I am going to go up in the woods and cut down trees for an hour, I will go to the gym later, no matter how tired, and pump iron to stretch and pull all that was wacked out earlier in the day. If someone tells me that they have herniated discs from running, then, maybe I am wrong, but wouldn't some gluteal and back training be necessary? Most important, it should have been practiced to prevent the situation.

I am sick and tired of WOMEN in gyms or health clubs making the same lame excuse for being lazy by commenting "I don't want to look like THAT!", insinuating that if they made the effort to train their muscles they would look like a bodybuilder (Like that would happen anyway). Those are the same women that end up taking prescription drugs for their blood pressure and crackly weak bones later in life. Its thing like this that make me weap for womankind.