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Just Pondering

Okay so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,since I am just starting this whole blog thing, which means I can be politically correct, or, put my a-- out here and possibly cause a bit of a rumble. I choose to express my "opinions" and it is to be noted ONLY MY OPINIONS, which are like a - holes, EVERYONE HAS ONE. Right??

That being said, I run four miles in the wilderness with my girls, Lucy and Lola, the most precious American Pit Bull Terriers. No IPod, just peace and quiet. At this time I ponder just about everything possible. So this morning when I was running I had these incredible revelations in my head. I was so excited to get back and put them on my first blog. Now I sit here and can't for the LIFE of my remember what the hell it was!

I do, however have one thing to discuss. I am baffled by the amount of poeple that try to push the "perfect" health product out there by saying, "This is by far most the most perfect antioxidant, live giving properties of all foods". If we all took the amount of "junk" that people are trying to push on us to "healthy", I think we would be dead from liver disease.

There is NO such thing as a "perfect pill", or "supplement". This whole BS of companies pushing the issue of us not being able to eat the amount of fruits and vegetables we are suppose to eat to survive, therefore we need to take "pills" to make up for that?????? Gawd! I am just going to leave it at that.....................nuff said, leave it.

Okay back to work.....................xo