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It's not summer yet!

I am constantly pondering things that people say to me. Lately I have been pondering the nutritional justification for competition. Most of the people I know in this industry are extremely disciplined when it comes to counting thier calories, fat, carbs, proteins. However, I do not see to many people considering their greens, or the quality of proteins.

The cruciferous greens, dark, dark greens hold so many quality enzymes and nutrients it is ridiculous. You just can't eat too much, even when dieting for competition. Most important they are great for the liver which goes through hell when preparing for competition.

I am also wondering why so many people I talk to that are eating Salmon now for the high quality protein and oils, are eating Atlantic Salmon. Well, I know for the most part it is more affordable than Alaska Salmon. But Alaska Salmon is wild, Atlantic...........sorry folks, not from the Atlantic Ocean. They are raised in farming pens, are fed antibiotics and fish food, and the meat is white because they just hang out in a pen. The meat is injected with red dye. It is the law that every store that sells it is suppose to post that. If you are eating Atlantic Salmon, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

The Alaska, or Pacific Northwest Salmon are ALL wild. They hatch in rivers, swim out to the ocean and come back to spawn in the exact river they were born. The most popular two Salmons that people eat are King and Sokeye. Sokeye has a little more protein and a lot less fat. The King has a generous amount of fat. This is the omega fats like the kind you buy in pill form and chuck down with water. You can get Sokeye in the freezer section in most stores, vacuum packed. The King is not as available. It is mostly bought up by restaurants when they are caught. I think there are five different types of Northwest Salmon but the bottom line is if it says Alaska or Pacific Northwest wild, then it is good stuff.

Enough lecture, I just really wanted to share that with you so pay attention.

Since the weather is so dreary in the northern states, I will humbly gift you another one of my goofy poems I wrote. Keep in mind I wrote the poems in the mid eighties....

It's raining outside

There is no sun today

I'll have to stay inside

Can't go out and play

I think about the ocean

Or riding my bike in the park

Puttin on my roller skates

But its too cold outside and dark

Maybe I should move south

Where its sunny throughout the year

Where the occeans warm the skies are blue

And there's that sun I love so dear

But something keeps me here

This feeling I get from some strange reason

Something magical not found in the south

That magic know as the change of the seasons