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As I sit here with a wonderful breeze passing though my shop, with the blazing sun shinning outside, I no longer question anything, especially the word fate.  From the hysteria of my work, to people who actually mean something to me, it has all been in my space in a cluster for the past 5 or 6 weeks. 

I first get a visit from my darling close friend, Dina, whom is one person I can totally trust my life with, and in fact has saved my ass a number of time, and really does take care of me.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dina. She came up for the weekend to work on a special project with me.  When figure first started she was one of the top 5 Pro figure competitors in the industry.  Alas, she had a lot on her plate and business was more important.  She never looses her amazing physique and is constantly hounded for photo sessions.  Photographers that would not even touch a figure competitor.Then a friend, Sheila Bleck came for a whole week.  I have been making her suits for bodybuilding since she won her first suit at the Emerald Cup back in 2000.  She finally deservedly got her pro card at Nationals in 2008, took 2009 off, comes into the NY Pro, takes second, missing the win by ONE point, but got into the Olympia.  So I just figured she could chill while I worked.  NOT!  She was too much fun.  We got along great, like the same stuff so we did everything from TRYING to rollerskate, taught her to shoot weapons, and put her on my horse.The night I dropped her off at the airport, I went to Auburn, a town right by Seatac, and hand delivered a suit to a client of mine named Colleen Kulp.  Her husband is from here so they were here on family business so I got to put her suit on, and set the hooks myself.  I love it when I can be in charge of putting the hooks on and doing hands on explaining of how to wear the suits.  Along with her very kind husband Jeff, she had a TOY Australian Sheppard named Jessse.  I think I found a little dog I would consider owning.  What a funny, crazy DAWG!. As I was leaving Colleen gave me a beautiful statue of a Stallion from Herself, Kate, and Amanda.  I was extremely humbled by the gesture.

Now it is time for cramwork  I had one week to get 7 suits ready for the NY Pro/Team Universe this coming weekend.  That also included 4th of July.  Took the 4th off for great fireworks, thanks to my buddy Jeff Harrison.  Back to work the next day (my 50th birthday), where my dear Shannon sat here with me and finished the suits. THAT is what I have been up to......next blawg I promise I will get more entertaining.