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Waking Life...........It is an animated movie. If you go to the google site and put that name in, you can watch the whole hour and thirty eight minutes. Pretty, pretty amazing movie. You cannot be distracted while watching though, and it needs your 100% attention. I loved it so much I bought the DVD so I can watch it on a big screen.

So, this weekend Mike Davies and Julie Palmer came to the cold damp Northwest to hold a boot camp, organized by my adorable friend, Shannon Gill. "I" made dinner for their Saturday workout. I did not get to experience the torture because I have suits to get done and I am extremely dissapointed I screwed that up. But it has inspired me to get my shit together again and start kicking my ass. I don't get out much any more so it was refreshing to sit around for a couple of hours with some very cool girls. The whole group was extremely positive and healthy. I just love that!

So running this morning, I came across a small group of snails crawling across the logging road. How cool is that???? They are so beautiful. These little things make me realize I have no valid reason to bitch about anything. I sit on my ass and work endlessly, but no matter how bad things get, all I have to do is look out the window and there is ALWAYS some awesome critter doing something entertainng. My hummingbirds are sucking the sugar water I make them. I have feeders everywhere including right outside my window here and it is hysterical how these crazy critters skwable. Don't get on my case if I spelled that wrong!

One of the things i did at this gathering last night was explain to the women how I messed myself up by taking enhancing drugs for the past few years and completely messed myself up. I have been pumping iron for over thirty years and it was only five years ago I finally decided to go that route. As each year went by someone would turn me on to something else, and after last years experience I have had no desire to compete ever again. Completely, totally my ignorance. I have no problem admitting I screwed up and I have no idea how long it is going to take my system to come back.

I have nothing, honestly against anyone doing them, providing they completely understand the outcome, but I must say that the longer time goes by, with all the damn cardio I do and NOT eat out of control, I still have an extra 30 lbs. of excess bodyweight that will not go away. This is why I have the utmost respect for Mike and Julie, because I have seen them take so many girls and turn them into mega chicks with NO drugs. Humbles me and makes me feel like a cheating fool. Nuff said on that.

On another topic, I did bring up the topic of fat chicks turned skinny. I have numerous girls email me monthly about loosing over 100 lbs. and want to compete. I always hesitate to take these kind of women on because my experience with that is the girls that use to be fat, are the meanest and most selfish women once they loose a lot of weight and become "sexy". A bit of advise to you girls that fall into this category. Just because you have dudes checking you out now does not give you a license to be a bitch. Just remember, one slip and you can be back in the blob pile. Being humble and gracious is 80% of your new found beauty.

I would love to chat some more but I must move my butt from one seat to the next and get back to work. Try to check out the movie I mentioned above. It is extremely interesting and left me thinking overdrive for a while after.