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It has been two whole months since I have written anything on my blog. I "think" about writing something almost everyday, however, when it comes down to it, I just don't see a reason why I should waste my time. Life has been very good to me, and I am always busy doing one thing or another. But honestly, who really needs to hear my opinion when there are millions out there doing the same? I keep going back to the TMI theory. And I am a victim like everyone else.

I have reached the "half century" mark in my life, and quite frankly, not much changes for me. I wake up the same time every morning, I run in the woods with my dogs, play with the horses, pay attention to my eating and training, keep my living space clean, make suits for competitors, and I would say the only thing that has changed with me is the fact that I just don't take things seriously, or, read into things deeper than they are. I pay more attention to national political issues (honestly, so I don't sound like a fool when discussing it).

In 2010, I had made a serious effort to watch CSPAN at least once a week, the Congress, and the Senate, because everyone has such strong opinions, right or left, young and old, and VERY opinionated (I am guilty as well). But when someone makes a statement I am unfamiliar with, I look into it, for I am curious how the conclusion was made. For the most part, the more opinionated the opinion is, the less the one making the statement is informed on the facts....... Anyway, the only reason I am writing about this is because my "opinion" is, if anyone is going to be boisterous, they should have some sort of idea of what is REALLY going on, and not rely on news media information, since in this day and age, it has become more personally opinionated. Watching the Senate and the Congress has put me in "my" place a number of times. And from this, I grow. This year is going to be VERY interesting....

In the health and fitness category,..........nothing has changed (Unless you are involved in the IFBB and NPC, and in a sad way). There are more diet, supplement, equipment, and mentors, but the motivation is always the same. You have your vegan's and your carnivore's, and one cannot convince the other, and never will. There really is no one diet that works for everybody. You can spend thousands of dollars over your lifetime looking for the right diet for yourself. Common sense, even though seems simple, becomes complicated, because there are many "mentors" that have thier version of common sense. I know what works for me, but I have no idea what works for individual people. We all have different genetics, we were raised in different families with different eating habits, we have different athletic histories (different past injuries/surgerys), and with all of that, makes for a very complicated understanding of how one can make their life better in health and fitness. NOTHING is simple when it comes to this topic, UNLESS, you take responsibility for all you do.

See...........this is why I have not written anything for a while. I have had many people approach me in the recent months with serious questions in reference to their health and well being. Even though I feel obligated to try to give decent advise, I only know what I can do for myself. When giving advise, I cannot assume that other people can tolerate, the taste and texture of certain healthy, and beneficial foods that I prefer. Budget is a huge problem now more than ever, therefore, specific supplements may not be an option. Time, not many people can justify "making" time for thier health (even though I think it is just an easy way to cop out). Most of all, patience. NOTHING happens overnight, especially when it comes to health. "The Biggest Looser" is a TV show, where they take obese people, train the crap out of them with extreme diets, for the sake of ratings, and let people believe that anyone can loose that much weight in such a short amount of time. Show me everyone that has done that show, that they have kept the weight off, and are continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle, and I will eat crow.............humbly........and happily.

Being humble and patient, in "my opinion" is the number one solution to taking control of your health, fitness, and personal lifestyle. Easy to say, extremely difficult to practice everyday of your life.

Long winded, but Gibran has great words ....

"Peace be with you, Spring, who restores the earth to youth!

Peace be with you Summer, who gives the glory of the sun!

Peace be with you Autumn, who gives with joy of fruits of labour and the harvest of toil!

Peace be with you Winter, whose rage and tempest restore to nature her sleeping strength!

Peace be with you, Years, who reveal what the years concealed!

Peace be with you, Ages, who build what the ages destroyed!

Peace be with you, Time, who leads us to the fullness of death!

Peace be with you, Soul, who directs the rudder of life and death while hidden from us behind the curtain of the sun!"

Anyway........it inspires me.............HAPPY NEW YEAR!!