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Humble You, Humble Me...

As time goes by, I feel a little troll growing inside of me, scraping at my inards to get out. BOY, do I feel grumpy 50% of the time. I know that is not my character, but this past year I am more disoriented than ever before.

Got that off of my chest, now I must tell a humbling story..... .. . .

Last year when I competed at the Empire Classic, in Spokane Washington (which I won, by the way), I was backstage by myself trying to get oiled and pumped up for prejudging. This guy was next to me doing the same. I am not sure what started the conversing, but he was telling me he had a gym at home (like me) and his family had no interest (like me) and he faithfully worked out every day (like me), and it was irritating the crap out of me. Then he turns to me and says "Can you do me a favor?", holding a bottle of spray oil. Like a bitch I said "DUDE! I am trying to get myself ready here!", so he turns to another woman and asks her to just spritz the center of his back. As I am pulling things out of my bag I realize I have NO towel! I exclaimed "Oh crap! I have no towel!" This man turns to me and says "Here, I will share mine with you, no problem." I felt so ashamed, but in desperation, I used his towel. Turned out he won his class also. Then driving all the way back from Spokane to Snohomish, my friend Shannon and I stop at a rest stop to pee and this mini van pulls in with a family, and guess who gets out to use the rest stop?? Yup, it was this guy, Buck Rogers, for real, that is his name. AND,,,,,,,he is wearing my MCB mens t-shirt. So I made him take a picture with me showing off the shirt (its on my about page in the colage of pictures).

Now honestly, that incident has NEVER left my head. Not more than a couple of days will go by and I remember that incident to this day. I have always wished I could let him know how much he taught me that day, during such a small but huge incident for me.

About a month ago, my buddy Big Daddy came here to guest pose at a local show. So we drive all the way down to Tacoma for this contest, hanging out at a table while Big Daddy signs pictures, etc.. As the men are coming on stage to do their routines the MC says "Buck Rogers!" Oh my gosh! After all this time, here is my chance to let this man know what an influence he was on me, so off I run to the back stage. When I told him how sorry I was for being such a "bitch", he just told me that especially dieting for a contest, everyone has their moments.

Anyway, what a stand up guy. Good family man, respects his body, and I am so glad I finally got to talk to him after all of that time that went by. And he just sent me an email saying hi. This is great! I'll have to make him a suit next time he competes, don't you agree everyone??

I have always had this attitude that as a woman, I have the RIGHT to be vain. I am sure this has to do with defending myself for years, as far back as late seventies in the gym. Men would look at me like "What the hell is SHE doing in here?" We all know that a gym was a mans place, or so that was sort of the agenda, back then. But as time went by, and it got to that time I started competing, staring at myself more in the mirror, anytime a guy would start to get on my shit, I would incinuate that HE was a little strange enjoying himself in the mirror, and I as a WOMAN have every right to be vain. A guy?..........not........

So that was the other thing this Buck made me aware of. Here is a guy that works out at home, NOT at a gym, because he wants to stay healthy, functional and in shape..........SO THANKS MR. BUCK ROGERS!!

NOW, after all of that, I am suppose to do a contest in LA early December. Subliminally I do not want to do it. I am stalling and stalling with the diet, cardio, and even training. I need to get SOMETHING to inspire me to compete again. I know I use my work as an excuse for time. And it is true, since I HONESTLY do every single thing here by myself, contrary to what SOME people believe. But I really do believe that when I train as hard as the girls I work for, it truly makes me even more creative when making the suits for them. The respect level becomes mutual. I like that.

Hmmmmmm, that is a bit inspiring................At least its a beginning.