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Humble Once Again.....

Dont judge me yet! bad posture, reigns to high...SHUT UP!

Dont judge me yet! bad posture, reigns to high...SHUT UP!

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I will get back to some physical fitness talk.    Like I have said before, I jog and pump iron as consistent as brushing my teeth.  But when it comes to the extra cardio, I get bored like anyone else.  For the past few weeks I have had a lot of orders to fill, so not going to gym, I use my stepmill, and use the free weights here.  I finally have time to go to the gym, and when I got there I decided to use this Nordic Track.  I needed some sort of challenge and it is the only machine that I have not used, or, at least not used in the past twenty something years.  Soooooo....I get on this thing, strap myself in, figure level 4 since I am an amateur, 60 mins, and start......Uh, about 3 minutes into it, I stop, clear, and reprogram at 60 minutes, level ONE.  I gotta say, that kicked - my - ass!  It does not matter how fit you think you are, if you haven't used it, you are sure to have your ass kicked.  The funny part about this is, I bought a beautiful Ishmash, Russian Biathlon rifle two years ago with every intention of getting into cross country skiing so that I could enter a local amateur Biathlon.  I live one hour away from Steven's Pass, which has a cross country course.  However I have conveniently always been too busy, for the beginning of the year my order file is FULL, plus the horses.  Well, I am humbled, and thrilled, and I will use that damned thing everytime I go to my Granite Gold's, and my goal is to get to at least level 6 in two months, for 60 minutes.  Then MAYBE I will not be afraid to get that cross country ski package.  And keep shooting. 

NOT - Finished.  Here's the best one.  I have three different breeds of horses to ride, and just about every type of saddle one can imagine, for I see it the same way a car enthusiast would purchase various cars.  For the ride.   Every type except a side saddle.  So I started doing some research, bought many books, for I know this is not something you can just jump on and go.  Surprised, all that know me???  NO, I am not THAT crazy!  I have five different books and went online and bought a cheap side saddle made in Pakistan.  When I got it, I realized this will only fit my skinny withered Thoroughbred Magnum.  Fine.  Then even reading the books the girth totally confused me.  So I researched some more online.  Found www.sidesaddle.com .   Of course they have consignment side saddles, so I clicked on.  There, before my eyes was a draft horse side saddle.  Yea, I bought it.  The best part was the lady, Linda, filled me with a plethera of information.  So I will be getting that saddle, a Champion and Wilton, extremely rare saddle....THIS COMING WEEK!!  So today, I decide it is time to suck up and put the Pakistan side saddle on Magnum.............Oh boy.....humble, humble, humble, ...HUMBLE TWICE IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!  I have never felt insecure on a horses back.  We walked around a bit and he was just as nervous as I was.  As soon as I got my legs into the position Linda told me to, my gracilus and adductor muscles were fried in less than two minutes!  I was comfortable with my balance, but my inner thighs were in agony.  Hehe....Then to boot, Magnum decided to freak out and I know it was because of the new girth and the next thing I knew I was in the barn in one of the stalls!  Okay, I get some credit because I DID NOT FALL OFF!  The whole entire incident I was trying to figure out HOW to fall off.   So after I got Magnum to calm down, we came back out of the stall, out of the barn, and walked around a bit more, just so he knew it was all good.  He and I will both learn slowly and again, like the Nordik Track, I will conquer this, oh, I say in a few weeks.  On top of that, I am SURE the Champion and Wilton, on Sir Tankus will be  much easier to learn on. 

Mark my words, by June for sure, I will be riding up back in the woods side saddle.