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Jim and Pam's organic garden

Jim and Pam's organic garden

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Well, well, well,.........maybe I DO have something to say! I think it was a year ago I was inspired to share what I know about health and nutrition, but I sincerely felt I was wasting my time, and I am sure I was. HOWEVER, ......for the first time in my life, because of my friend Kelly, I took a deep breath and gave some of my learned knowledge verbally on her internet radio show. After the moment, someone emailed them and asked if I had a blog. Well.........yes........I ..........do!

I am in a place in my life now where I feel inspired to share, what I have learned, and if anyone would like to ask further they are more than welcome.

The topic we were discussing yesterday was the GMO problem. It is a huge problem that is so out of control that it will never be fixed. That is a fact. At this point there is enough contamination it can never be cleaned up. Politically, it can never end. We just need to take a deep breath. Instead of panicking about 12-12-20012, (which is our latest supposed armageddon) you should be doing what you are afraid of now. I hope I worded that right.

Not knowing exactly where your food comes from IS a troubling thing. We have been learned to not even remotely consider something that stupid. Everyone goes into the grocery store with a list, and once that list is checked off, you check out and go home. There are WAAAAAY too many things to worry about besides what the hell is in our food we put into our bodies that make us do what we do in the first place.

People in my life look at me like I am a fool, thinking I am obsessed with my nutritional needs. The fact is, I don't want to feel like shit like most of my friends and family do. I like being happy even if it is pouring down rain outside, if I have too much yardwork, too many orders to fill, or better yet, smiling at someone that flips you off on the highway. I pay close attention to how my physical computer works so it functions at its ultimate speed and clarity.

I have some friends down the road, she is 68, and he is 70. They grow the greens I eat. Their whole lifestyle is based on growing thier own greens, paying attention to having full control over what they consume. Taking full responsibility/accountability for themselves. I am VERY lucky to have them in my life. Did you know that FRESH out of the ground celery makes your tongue numb like chewing on a clove? Nope? Imagine how old that celery must already be when purchased at the store.

Even someone who lives in Manhattan can find whole foods if they search. With the internet, I am sure you can do some research and find a farmers market if not in the city, right outside, either upstate, Long Island, or even Jersey.

So, http://www.islandseafoods.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=61&Itemid=58 ...this is a URL for wild Alaska Salmon, something we talked about on the show yesterday and a woman emailed asking about how to get this, since most stores sell Atlantic Salmon, which is farmed Salmon.

When you purchase ANY greens, whether it is in a plastic bag, (usually the worse), or out on the produce shelves, you MUST WASH THEM!! Not rinse, WASH. There are many ways to wash your greens. You can purchase a vegetable wash usually sells in the produce area. I have not seen any that are not organic. They are all for the same purpose so don't worry about that. Or, you can take a bit of baking soda, a bit of white vinegar, and a teeny bit of citrus oil. But, it is easier to buy the wash. Every single green you bring home from a supermarket should be soaked in cold water with the wash for approx 15 to 20 minutes, then you rinse, rinse rinse. Salad spinners are great because they dry them off well. Put them in your vegie drawer with a paper towel.

That is the best I can suggest. Please be aware of the greens you are eating. The greens are extremely important. In my opinion, greens and protein are the most essential source you can put in your system for a clean, clear, and top fuel performing body.

I hope that all makes sense, for I don't want to be wasting my time...........xoxo