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Getting ready to end my day, my farrier/friend Lane calls (for those of you who do NOT know what a farrier is, they shoe horses) and instructs me to turn on Ch 405 (sport channel). It was the replay of last years Breeders Cup. For those of you who could give a F about horse racing, it is as important as the triple crown races in the industry, if not more. Last years breeders cup was significant, for it was the first time a mare (female horse) won the race, and as of now, she is 19 races, undefeated. http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20101015/SPORTS08/310150077/1037/rss0701 This link is a brief article about her. If you go to www.youtube.com, and search Zenyatta, you will get a plethera of videos on her. Every one of them are a joy to watch. She is taller than any of the past triple crown winners, and has a "runway model" walk she always performs. What makes her races even more exciting is she starts out dead last and always catches up and wins on the home stretch! She is inspiring and has a HUGE fan base.

For some reason EVERY single time I watch anything about her my chest wells up and my eyes fill with tears. Have no clue why, but everyone else admits they have the same problem. Her beauty, personality, and the fact that she is no BS, kick ass female, well, says enough.

Another fact. The guy that owns her founded the rock group The Police, hence the name Zenyatta. Pathetic part of this info is I know some teenagers who have NO idea who the The Police are....................get me my Geritol please..........Ooops! don't know what that is either?? Help!

SO............all of this being said, she is running her last race Saturday November 6th at, again, The Breeders Cup. She wins this they will hail her immortal. Geeesh,,,,,,,,,just typing that made me choke up. I am pretty sure it is on NBC. If not it is on one of the other two major networks.

If you have a chance mark your calendar and take the time to watch equine history!!