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I spent this past weekend at the Emerald Cup, for it is in my neck of the woods. It is always a great show, especially bodybuilding night. Interestingly, the Fitness/Figure night (Friday) is maybe 1/3 capacity, and then the bodybuilding night, is packed! I will definitely give a shout out to Roger Baker and Joe DeRousie, for I have taken care of these guys for a few years now on the trunks, and in the heavy weight class these two training partners placed first and second out of eight. Then Roger took the overall. My girl, Shannon Gill had some hot girls in the figure that took some high placings and I am so pleased to see her finally get the respect she deserves. I think the women that go to her understand how important it is to have an individual look, instead of the cookie cutter posing.

Then, my beautiful, flower child friend Cindy, who hosted my after Emerald crab feed. She took over the whole deal and if it weren't for her it would have been a chaotic nightmare. She is the only person I trust with my house and the things in it and she never fails me.

There are so many women out there loosing mass weight, that is doesn't seem to be such an incredible feat anymore. Nor, is women my age being super fit and healthy. The one thing I do notice though, and it is partially understanding, that these women that loose mass weight don't know how to behave as a fit person with class. It's sort of like someone winning the lotto then they go and blow all their money until they are broke again. They can fit into sexy clothing and shoes they only dreamed about, and mostly, MEN! Everywhere, men are looking at da booty, and the frontal decor. THEN,,,,they cop the attitude. Sort of angry at the fact that NOW they lost this weight men will look at them. What do you expect??? And then comes the higher than thou attitude towards heavy women as they once were. All I am saying is, women who have overcome, and are now on a new path must shrug off the past and become a better person from the INSIDE just as much, if not more than the outside. PERIOD. And, lets see you in five years. Can you stay this way? Especially, more so, the girls that do this to compete in a bikini on a very strict diet.

I see this all in my perspective, and stand firm on it. I have always lived on a healthy food diet, honestly, because I was a stoner as a teenager. With some coaxing from a hippie friend, I was schooled that I needed to keep great nutrition in me if I was to survive the LSD and weed I consumed. Funny as it may be, this is what I did. I carried on the eating habits just as any hygene habit.

When I first started competing in the late 90's I was fine. Then in around '03, I got into the "intense" diet, supplement, and training that is suppose to be the right way. It was not until then that I started going off on things like Nacho's, donuts, candies, and crazy crap in between shows, that completely detroyed my body from the inside. It has taken me two whole years of not competing and just finding my natural cravings again.

Food is a very dangerous thing, just like drugs. Whatever you consume, there will be an effect. So take care what goes in that mouth!

I am tired of writing now.................Back to work!!