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Facebook, wtf?

My nephew Joseph bonding with Tankus

My nephew Joseph bonding with Tankus

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So......I was convinced that a business page on Facebook is important. So.......my grrrrrrrrl Shannon came over to walk me through this horrifying process. In order to put up a business page you must put up a personal page. BOOM!!! Friends on Facebook!! People that NEVER would send me an email to say hi.

I am so, so, sorry, but I just can't get out of this stubborn, torque in my head, I cannot give in to this massive worldwide connection, where, quite frankly, I feel is totally out of control. Am I that old fashioned that I dare to send a normal email with pictures I would like to share a specific person without having anyone in the world seeing? So, you have a facebook page, then anyone that you friend (AND MY 'FRIENDS" DON'T GET ME WRONG) has their friends that see you are a friend of that friend, and so on, and so on. No, no you cannot convince me that this is secure. Why are people so desperate to show people they don't even really know everything they do and have? I am in awe that people are so desperate to show thier accomplishments, whatever they are, and it just dummy's down whatever they are doing.

Is there still a such thing as pen pals?

All that ranting being saaaaiidd....................uh, I DO have a Facebook page for Merry Christine Bodywear. A business page you cannot friend, but you can comment on any of the statements made by me and my grrrrrrrrrl, Shannon, and you can "like this". So that is fun. You can throw on any of the posts competitions you placed at, send me a picture and I will post it on the Facebook page. And I will also share with you my likes and where to get them. But for crying out loud, if you want to say hi to me, email me and say HI!!

By the way..................go ahead and search for Merry Christine................I am NOT unique...........there are literally hundreds of Merry Christine's. I remember before Facebook, if you did a cyber search for Merry Christine, there was a woman with same name that murdered her husband back in the 60's or 70's. ...............Thanks a lot.........

So in conclusion, I am trying. Really. But I think I am not going to move on this one.