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Eve of New Years Eve

Me on Magnum, and X-Man Junior on Peaches

Me on Magnum, and X-Man Junior on Peaches

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This is by far the MOST DIFFICULT time to hit the gym.  YIKES!!  I can thank my mother for getting me into the gym.  She MUST go three times a week, and therefore I MUST go with her.  I don't think I have ever made it to the gym between Christmas and New Years, so this is a first.  OH MAN THAT WAS HARD!!  Humbly I will admit I am on a shameful sugar high. 

My brother Freddy came up on Christmas morning to ride my mothers 11 year old gelding that has barely been broke.  He hasn't ridden for over 20 years.  Talks sweet to this crazy horse, puts the bit on, and rides up back with us for over 4 miles!  Did I mention bareback??  Best Christmas ever.

Now that I have figured out how to share photo's (THANKS MATT!)  it is going to be VERY hard to not show off my obsession, Tankus, my Percheron.  Here's the best story of the end of the year.  I finally have a horse I want to do something with.  I just have to figure out what it is I want to do with him.  So I figure I need to take him to my friend Lane's indoor arena to work with him.  We pull out my mom's horse trailer.............He ........doesn't ...........FIT!!  Crisco won't even work!  What a crazy dilemma...  Hmmmmm .......new car.........or horse trailer????  Seriously leaning toward the latter...

I am not sure if they were serious, but someone mentioned curiousity about high reps low weight vs. low reps high weight in the comment section.  I personally believe never to lift more than I can handle myself with perfect form.  This is just MY personal belief.  I back up this belief based on the fact that at almost 50 years old,  training for almost 34 years, and I have never had an injury.  I know I sound like a broken record, but no injuries and fit as a fiddle, based on redundant resistance training.  The same type of discipline as brushing teeth, taking showers or baths, wiping after relieving oneself.......etc......etc........It is part of daily hygene. 

Obviously, the heavier the resistance the more muscle fibers tear and therefore, with proper nutrition, repair and grow.  I believe that as long as you keep your form, not throwing parts of the body that are not involved, lift as much as you can.  But as soon as you loose your form, your lifting too much.  This is, in my opinion the safest, most effective form of resistance training. 

Resistance training description is so vast, and has so many categories.  You have the stereotypical bodybuilders, you have the aerobicise weight classes, you have your, ahem, physical therapist, the in fashion health club trainer taking one through club workout, your iron pumping alternative machines,.........  The way to perform resistance training is endless now.   I personally have and always will use iron, and train the way I always have, for I have not yet had a negative reaction to anything I do.  Low weight, high reps, I love because you can get your muscle strength and conditioning, AND some cardio along with it.  This is if you do NOT stop in between sets. 

I would recommend a book called Getting in Shape, by Bill Pearl.  You can go to   http://www.billpearl.com/catalog.asp?b=2-Bill%20Pearl%20Enterprises,%20Inc.  He is my favorite instructional bodybuilder of all time.  His "Keys to the Inner Universe"  is a beautiful book to read if you want to know what bodybuilding is all about from the old school and how I believe it should still be.

Enough of my babbling.  I have a couple days off still before I have to dive into next years projects.  I am going to throw another picture in on this blog just for the heck of it.  If this is a messy page, well, I am learning, so deal with it...............HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!