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Empty Head

So here I go again. I HAD to write this down when I heard it. "Brains are like muscles, you can hire them buy the hour. You can buy brains. You can't buy character." So where did I hear this? Tim Russert was interviewing Antonin Scalia. If I have to explain who gentlemen are, then forget this whole opening paragraph.

Emerald Cup weekend was grreeeaaat!! The weekend of April 18th. Geez, has it been a month since I wrote something in here? So the Emerald Cup is held in my home state, Washington. It is the only show I have a booth and not only attend, but I give out overall prizes. Suit sets on Fitness Figure night and embroidered leather jackets on the bodybuilding night. And might I brag that my darling Bermuda girl Millie Cleveland took the jacket home for the SECOND TIME!! Thanks to her dedication and Mike Davies incredible..........brains and character...

This is the first year I am not competing, and also that I really could care less about the whole ordeal so I had a BLAST. I just hung out at my booth with good friends and beautiful clients I have never met. I just love that. I have to say that I feel so blessed every time some beautiful woman walks up to me with big smiles, and they are one of my clients. And even better is when I have their picture on my table!! Hehe. Any time I feel like hanging it up, there is always someone who reminds me of why I suffer so in my work.

So then I have a barbeque the Sunday of the Emerald Cup weekend. Only because I have been dieting and competing at that contest for YEARS, (took second a few times, never won), so of course I would have a barbeque, and PIG OUT with my friends! This year I was not intending to have a barbeque, but too many people came by and asked about it. So we threw it together quickly and successfully. Glad I did. I found a wonderful carrot cake recipe that I tried out that day and it was the best ever. Then I made my ultimate buffalo burger that feeds seven. I invented that with my buddy Toney. Now I make it anytime I have people over. It is "death by burger". Amazing part was that I made it after everyone stuffed on crab, chicken thighs, flank steak, and all the other junk out on the tables. So I figured I would make this one big burger and a few people would have room. NOT! Everyone wanted to try it out. So now I know to always make at least two. That's enough on that. I LOVE to cook, man.............Listen, I have competed in bodybuilding and figure, I make the greatest suits, humbly, okay, fine. But when it comes to my cooking ...THAT is where you can't put my ego on the ground...hehe...

HATE the weather here, but my house is standing. Not blown down, burned up, or flooded out, so how can I complain that it is still VERY cold here. It blows my mind every time I turn on the boob tube and every day there is someplace devastated by the elements. I can't help it but I think about all of us people out there in our ego oriented business. With all of this crazy devastation around us, yet we MUST keep training to get on stage and show off our ego's!!

It is SOooo painful writing in this blog. I know there are some people that like reading it, but I always feel like such a fool because I am trying to express what goes on in my mind, and quite frankly, who the hell cares anyway???! I mean, right now on the boob tube in my office they are discussing pet cemetery's! Types of caskets, cremations, lot costs............aauugghh! Don't mean any disrespect. I live way out in the woods, so I just bury my animals, in my own pet cemetary. Uh, a couple of friends have brought their loving pets up here to bury. Hmmmm, I guess I am being hypocritical. See? That is why it is so painful writing this blog.

Okay, so here's another thing that was in my head the other day driving to town. Saturday, there was some bike club thing and dozens of ten speed riders all over our roads, WHICH they think they own. And they DONT out here in the rural areas. So it is so irritating because they ride side by side instead of in line. Rude! I like getting up behind them and giving a quick honk. So as I was thinking this I flashed in my head back two decades when I lived in NYC and I use to take my bike out to the Hamptons every weekend in the summer. One year someone was coming up behind cyclists, and actually hitting them. Some were injured and they never caught the person that was doing it. Back then I use to write a lot of, ahem, poetry. Yes, true. I can't find the book I wrote them all in. I know its around here somewhere. I must say it is some pretty sweet stuff. For some reason one of the poems I have always remembered, goes like this:

Riding my bike on a clear ocean day

I ride and ride all my troubles away

The smell of the trees and the oceans air

I ride and ride without even a care

THEN come the cars with all thier pollution


So now that the cars have scared all the bikers

The roads will be filled with fucking hitch hikers..