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Emotional vs. Physical

It has been about a month since I have posted a blog.  This is because I have been affected emotionally by a betrayal that actually left me dumbfounded.  The past few years someone befriended me to the point where I entrusted everything I do and have and let her into my life to the point where she knew everything and knew where everything was in my perimeter.  It was not until I counted up the damage she allowed her friends to incur on my house when I was out of town, that I started paying attention to her actions.  It turns out that she is what I would call a "career liar".  She plays out to be always a victim, but in fact the perpetrator, and thrives on other peoples demise, to the point where I truly now believe she goes out of her way to sometimes create it.  And when she looked into my eyes and flat out told me lies, I sadly knew that this so called friendship had to close. 

So, I have flicked her off my finger like a really nasty booger... just let the dead dog lie.

ON THE FLIP SIDE, let me gloat.  I have not had a horse abuse me physically in my entire life like my darling Tank.  All of which has to do with the fact that he is HUGE, young, full of spirit, and still a bit clumsy, somewhat lazy.  All of this being said, he still has not injured me, and this includes him stepping on my toes TWICE!  This guys hoof is four times the size of a regular horses hoof.  How I have not gotten so much as a bruise is beyond me.   Reading the history of the Percheron breed has made me love this guy even more. 

Perchern History

If I am to write anything on health and fitness this time, I guess I would have to express how awesome it is to just cut my green food in the morning and not even have to wash it before I eat it.  Talk about eating live food.  My mother has this garden she has been cultivating for 40 years on her property next door.  Never once has there ever been a pesticide, or even a purchased fertilizer.  All she does is lay in some manure dirt, a few years old.  It is always a sad day, the first time I have to go back to the store bought greens, which is usally around mid October, which I have to spend 2 hours washing, and putting away in the fridge for 5 or six days worth.  There is NOTHING like eating LIVE, fresh picked greens with active enzymes.

And with THAT being said, my BFF Big Daddee Toney is on his way here to start prepping for the Olympia.  This is a big one.  So far, no one has him in top 5 due to the line up.

As Picasso once said, "There is no abstract art.  You must always start with something.  Afterward you can remove all traces of reality."

And so... we SHALL see.