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Why is it that I have a TON of things to say, and when I finally sit in front of the computer, I can't think of one single thing??

I know mainly, I have many things to say that I can't because it would piss people off. Be it my opinion, but I choose to keep most to myself, for this is technically a business site, so I must stay in the middle. That being said, I guess I could mention a few things.

My frustration with the industry that I am mostly involved with is definite. I don't understand why they cannot make a solid class of competition for women. These poor women that train so hard, are told a dozen different things, then go completely in another direction. At this point I don't really know anyone that knows exactly what is going on, and the only person that knows is bias, so she puts blame on certain people, so I am not sure what is really going on. I just don't understand.

One thing for certain, MAN I LOVE PUMPING IRON!!! I just love going to the gym, popping on my i-pod, and ignoring the world around me. My system is so clean, and about a month ago I woke up one morning and thought "I am going to quit taking thermo's". I don't know why, but, I figured they were effecting my strength training. Well, .........duh........... I work out in this little Gold's gym in a small town ten miles from my house. It is so perfect. Hardly anyone there at all in the middle of the day and if there is they are on the cardio. Afternoon comes and the place fills with kids. I love that. They come in and really like working out. It's just fun watching them try to figure out how to go about training. I remember. I was there,........................some 30 years ago. And back then we didn't have anything like what they have to play with now.

I need to give loving congradulations to Jen DeJoya, Jen Migliacci, and my darling client and friend Ms. Sheila Bleck............They all won their IFBB Pro cards at Nationals last month. Sheila, in my opinion, is the absolute best female bodybuilder, physique, and mostly entertainment wise. She is so damn beautiful on stage. A couple of her routines are on www.youtube.com . I cannot wait to see what she does as a pro.

I'm pissed because my buddy Tom is moving to Huntington Beach CA. He is getting married next year and he is moving down there with her and her two adorable daughters so I understand. But I am still pissed. He is my get the F-CK off your -SS friend. I am so going to miss that F-CKER.............................He got me into my firearms infatuation. Well, introduced me to the guy that has taught me what I know and love about the, uh, sport? Self defense if need be, but I have learned to love target shooting. Started out I was just into the big guns with the big ammo. Ended up loving my .22 rifles more, just plinking at the targets in my back yard.

Now that I have done it a couple of times, I feel like I need to end my "blawgs" with something fitness oriented...........so..........lets see.............I have this book called "Anatomy to Color and Study" by Poritsky. It was a required book in my anatomy class back in the eighties. It IS a coloring book with every single bit of info you can imagine. Skeletal, muscular, nerves, ligaments, vascular, you name it, it is in there. You color the subject and along side it there are all of the names of each thing on that page. It's a big book too. Anyway, I still have it, and still refer to it, for it is the easiest one to look things up. Grey's Anatomy is good, but it is more literary than illustrated. It tells you everything about the body, including how to disect. So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,back to Poritsky's book. It has little animated interesting facts. Like, The word "muscle" comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans who believed that contracted muscle looked like small mice running under the skin, so they named the fleshy red bundles of the body musculi, which means "little mice", musculus being the diminutive of mus, mouse.

Tibia meant a flute or pipe, as well as the shinbone. The ancients probably made flutelike instruments from the shinbones of animals.

Here's a good one...Testicle...........Testis, which means witness in Latin - testicle being little witness - is probably derived from the Roman's allowing only men to testify in court. Thus, having and displaying testes would prove one to be male, and hence, qualified to testify (Or give testimony).

That's enough, I'm getting restless..........must get out of chair...............If I don't "blawg" before Christmas I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Hannuka................... Candy canes and Dradles!!!!!!