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Daddy of Bodybuilding....Bill Pearl

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I have been in awe of my latest purchase. A three volume hardback set called "The Legends of the Iron Game". It was put together by Bill Pearl, George and Tuesday Coates, and Richard Thornley Jr. You can get this set on www.billpearl.com . Anyone that TRULY loves strength training should invest in this set. I have always idolized Bill Pearl, for he is the first and only person involved in strength training that has a rule of ethics, as well as the BEST instructional books and videos.......PERIOD!!

He lives in Oregon and I actually got to meet him once at a local bodybuilding competition here. I was walking off the stage and he was at the bottom of the stairs. I will never forget that.

I have a few of his books, "Keys to the Inner Universe", which, I feel, if ANYONE wants to learn what strength training/bodybuilding is all about, should read this book. "Getting Stronger" is a book filled with the most logical exercises in the gym. He has a wonderful selection of other books, DVD's, anatomy posters, all to help one become educated in true fitness. I highly recommend his website. If anything, read his "About Bill" page. You can find it at the bottom of his homepage.

So, I made my first successful, and most likely ONLY bikini to grace the Olympia stage. It was a painstaking experience, for I just don't know how to do "cheap and slutty". Darling Dina patiently worked with me until I finally got it............geesh!!! I am completely myphed by the bikini in the IFBB.. I am trying SO hard to see how it has anything to do with strength and fitness..........Anyway, not my business... But I must post a picture of Dina here because if anything she was the only gal to grace the first Bikini Olympia stage (and making top ten), as well as a veteran from gracing the stage in '03 in the very first Figure Olympia stage (top 5). Problem with Dina is ...well,.....she is just too perfect and polished.....sigh.....

I cannot help myself to end this blog with some Kahlil Gibran words relating to vanity:

"I saw them eating and I knew who they were"

"Some silky faces are lined with coarse cloth"

"If there were two men alike, the world would not be big enough to contain them"

"By adornment one acknowledges his ugliness"

Here's a great one...."Listen to the woman when she looks at you, but not when she talks to you"

Oh just a couple more..."The truth that needs proof is only half truth"

Considering this was written decades ago, THIS is pretty profound....."Woe to the nation that departs from religion to belief, from country lane to city alley, from wisdom to logic"

I'm done now.........