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Common Sense

Years and years ago, a prevalent person in my life named Kenneth August Johnson (known as Kaj), said to me "Common sense, Merry." This was in reference to our training in the gym. He was (hopefully still is) the best trainer I have known to this day. The most effective exercises I have ever learned was from him, and to this day there have been a few I have picked up a few new exercises along the way, but I always use the things he taught me. Because they are SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

That info up there is why I must share this story about him, for it popped into my head today. I have told a few friends of this story but it is totally worthy to share with many.

We worked out in a gym called Natural Physique, owned by back then, the famous Nichole Bass and her husband Bobby Fuchs. Now Bobby was one of the most funny men around. And he LOVED starting little bits of trouble just for entertainment sake. I can't remember who it was that was being obnoxious in the gym, but Kaj and I were training and Bobby pulls us both aside to show of Kaj's strength (He was also a respected Sensei). Ken sets up two ten pound dumbbells on thier ends, puts his feet on a bench adjusts himself so his middle knuckles are resting on the dumbbell ends, then Bobby helps me up on Kaj's back right on his shoulder blades. He proceeds to do, oh, about five push ups with only the sound of his breath coming out on the exhale. That totally blew people away and the attitude that day in the gym was pretty mellow. I wonder if there is ANYONE that could pull that off out there................

That incident, which happened, I "think" around 1989 or 90, has ruined me in a gym because every time I have to put up with some dumb ass yelling at the top of his lungs and dropping weights just puts the goose bumps on my back. He also preached to me that if you can't put them down the same way you picked them up then you shouldn't be messing with them! This is not snobbery, this is common sense.

Now I do believe there are exceptions. Powerlifters are always null and void when it comes to lifting rules. The reason I am even compelled to write this down is because the "common sense" has been repeating itself in my head over and over the past few days. It makes life much more simple. There are so damned many supplements and new exercise techniques and gadgets out there that it gets confusing. Especially for an older gal like me. Damn, there is always something on the news, health related about supplements, drugs, cause of fatigue, dangers of cell phones, coffee ups and downs, fats, carbs, chocolate new inventive workout programs that work better that ANYTHING before....................IT JUST NEVER ENDS.......!!!!!

As of today I am going to try to not have any contact with network or radio for a few days and see how it affects me. I have my music on, but I will listen to no news or any television and I will see if I can last the day. I will be honest, so a week from today I will post another blog and let you know how long I lasted.

If anyone even reads this crap................