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Christmas, Splendiferous Christmas!

My world is in a deep freeze, literally. It is, let's see, let me look.....24 degrees, farenheit right this minute, daytime. This is the only time my two dogs, Lucy and Lola, go crazy about going out in the morning. Normally my Lola HATES waking up in the morning. It takes me up to an hour to get her out of bed, not kidding. Did I mention she is a Pittbull? When it is freezing outside, with a foot of snow, they both get up early and want to go play.

So up we go on the trail, that in previous "blawgs" I mention how surreal it is. Well, I have to say that right now, it is surreal, but in a completely different way. I expect the Snow Queen to come racing down in her magical crystal sleigh, drawn by six magnificent Percherons. I hate the way the snow and ice bring everything to a halt, but I must admit, and this is because of my disciplined personality, as I force myself to get up and run every single morning, no matter the weather, it is a crystal palace. I am the only one admitted in. There are no others. Only my footprints, Lucy and Lola, and an occasional deer print. That world is for me to enjoy, and never taken for granted.

There is one part of my run, about 1 1/2 miles out, that I hit an older part of the forest. It IS a medeval forest. The trees are so tall that the green branches start at 15 to 20 feet, so you can see through for as far as your eyes can see. The stubb branches that have long since broke off below are covered in moss that hangs as long as 2 feet. The bottom of the forest is a blanket of bright green moss and ferns. Then, an occasional stump, that we refer here as the "old growth" forest, logged back in early 1900's. These stumps, NOT lying. are as large as 15 feet or more in diameter. Even as a stump, dead in the ground, they are a sight to behold. In my imagination I envision the "Crown Holder" knight with his shining sword and amour. The trees are so thick in this part of the forest that there is barely a dusting underneath. Up ahead on the logging road is a crossroad, completely open to the sky. The snow comes down and blankets the crossroad in a foot of snow. The "Crown Holder" jumps down from the old growth stump, leaps to the middle of the crossroads, holds his shinning sword to the sky, and a ray of light from his sword completely engulfs him. Then he dissapears...........I run to the crossroad, fall to the ground and lay there, the snow falling. The cold icy snow flakes gently land on my face and melt me into the snow. It does not get much better than this.......

Tomorrow, I will run again, to my same destination, in hopes to catch another glimps of the "Crown Holder".