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Brag Letters.........

Yesterday, I was wrapping presents in my workshop and after the news a soap opera came on. This stuffy british dude made the comment on him not having enough time to read all of the "brag letters" and what happened to good old Christmas cards saying have a great holiday and happy new year?

Then, my mail came and sure enough, I got my first group of "brag letters". I was laughing to myself because I got THREE of them!

Just my OPINION, remember. But I think it interesting, with all we have to do, and barely enough time to even VISIT people now days. I guess we can all read them while doing cardio? And it always seems like we get those letters from the people we care about the least anyway. Think about that. The ones we do care about, we pick up the phone and talk to anyway.

I like to buy traditional cards and say Happy Holidays, thinking of you...........me. Nostalgia is very important.

So, surfing this morning I come across this natural eating magazine from some publisher company I am familiar with. Since I know them I immediately went on line to order, especially since the promo for it said COMPLETELY NATURAL, NO FOODS PROCESSED BY MAN. Okay, so I order it. Then, I go to the online part of the magazine and the VERY first recipe I read calls for masala, OR low sodium chicken broth. Not to disrespect, but, I really thought I was going to click on the recipe and read the ingredients for making the masala also. You read the ingredients in "low sodium chicken broth" and even the ORGANIC labels have "organic cane juice", as well as other crap. It just never gets real.

There IS a website that I use on a regular basis: www.sunfood.com, Sunfood Nutrition. A friend named Carmen Garcia turned me onto that site and I order a LOT of stuff from it. Completely clean, honest to goodness whole foods. They are into the completely raw way of eating, and not so much into meat, so there is where I draw the line, but I get a lot of stuff from them. For instance, Cacao. Check out the reality of that subject. If it is not raw, or processed in a cold manner, it does not contain the properties that the majority pushes on us. I always have 100% raw cacao beans here in the refrigerator.