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This has been a tough few weeks.  Contrary to what I know people believe, I really do try to accomodate as many gals as possible when it comes to making suits.  But the truth is, I have two hands only.  I have no help, for you cannot ask someone to paint a picture that only you see in your head.  

My mothers Doberman, who bless her heart is old, walked into the woods somewhere yesterday and we are sure layed down to expire.  We live so far out in the hills that there is no way she went even to the road.  We have been searching all through the woods and brush and no sign of her.  No marks of her being taken away by a predator, and frankly, it was hot, and she really was too old to walk any long distance.   Then to top that off, my Arabian mare who has had Cushings disease for a few years now is scheduled to be put down on Tuesday.   That is the hard part of taking on pets, big or small.  We have domesticated them to serve us, thus, we are the ones to determine their expiration.  She has been my sister for almost 20 years. 

I know my writings are fickle, but I find it so reduntant to always write in reference to fitness.  Especially since fitness advise is truly a dime a dozen.   However, I promise I will take the time in the next couple of weeks to write my experience and opinion on breast implants since I STILL have gals emailing me about an article I wrote back in '03 or '04 for bodybuilding.com.  Since training and diet is an everyday part of my life like showering and brushing my teeth, I spend my days as I work contemplating philosophy, watching old movies, or political news, therefore THAT is most on my mind.  THEN, I have to keep a still tongue, for I do not want to offend anyone with my measley opinions. 

But, alas, it is almost summer, so I guess it is time to bare my naked mind and post another one of my poems from the 80's in the Hampton's.  Let me see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Afternoon's on the beach.  Perfectly toasted bodies.  Some are a little overdone.  But the sun seduces them.

"Come on down---Find your spot and watch the show!"  The Oceans entertainment.  The Ocean seduces them.

It loves to engulf and entangle bodies.  Tumbling, rolling, tossing the bodies.  Slamming them into the sand.  NO mercy.

Crawling out after the beating, swearing they won't do it again.  But a little more sun, watching the waves................................

They always go back for more.