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Booth girls

I finally got inspired to write something else here. I have a dear friend that I email back and forth with that has well known supplement company. We normally shoot the sh-t and crack jokes on things. But we got on a topic today that made me want to throw out here in hopes that someone can enlighten me with anything except the "sex sells" bullsh-t.

Booth girls. I totally understand that sex sells, but when you are at a Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure show, why is it that the companies put the girls in the most ridiculous "Fredericks of Hollywood" type of clothes, literally the same clothes strippers and carnival groupies wear, when the event is suppose to represent health, beauty, and strength.

Now, I feel I can bring this topic up because everyone that knows me, knows how I push the edge on my fashion, but at least it is unique and classy. Please slap me upside the head if I am all over myself here, if so, I appologize. You can see what I do in my "dazzlewear page and let me know if I crossed the line"

I have gone to a few big shows like the Arnold Expo, and the Olympia. Walking through the expo there are women standing in front of thier booths topless with painted titties, or g-strings and tank tops, or police stripper outfits. Those I love, huge named family companies with all of thier models in goofy theme outfits showing thier ass cheeks and tons of cleavage. Matching hats, super duper platform high heels. And I KNOW girls that go out of thier way to do these venues for no fee except plane fair, hotel, and free entry to the event! If that. When I ask them why they do it they say, and I mean ALL of them say, "for the exposure" What are you going to get once your exposed? Acting, modeling jobs?

Now granted, there are a choice few, FEW, that legitimately are sponsored well by the companies, but they are very well known pro athletes. I also know that the companies leave specific people in charge of picking out the outfits for the whole group of girls.

My darling friend that is a pro male bodybuilder had an awesome longevity doctor working with him to promote supplements at the Arnold Classic. Perfect place to introduce that type of thing. It's the Arnold for crying out loud. There are more competitors involved in that weekend venue than the Olympics (As Arnold stated at the men's pro show). So my friend gets this doctor and his crew to go to this venue for the first time, and when they got there they were so creaped out by the whole carnival freak show type of scene they dumped him that weekend. And it was not because of the competitors, it was what was going on around the expo.

I have been involved in this industry for years. And it has not been until I have seen this crap a little more out of control every year that I would just like to figure out the reason behind the concept. When anyone asks me what I do for a living I sort of mumble under my breath that I make suits for Figure/Fitness/Bodybuilders, because people instantly ask what it is. And what about steroids and how freaky that lifestyle is and ick!, and many other comments. Frankly, I am tired of defending myself. Therefore I try to change the subject. Forget about explaining why I compete. Not fair, but that's the way it is.

Anyway, I am just throwing this out there to see if anyone can justify it, humble me, and make me understand.