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I am finally finished with the Arnold stuff

WOW! As of today, I am finally finished with the Arnold stuff, which is this weekend. Big weekend in the bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure world. The biggest. So while that is going on, we also have bigtime election stuff going on in Ohio, where the Arnold is. I am here blowing up the moles in my front yard and nursing my dumb dog Lucy's pulled tendon. My husband is dodging icebergs in the middle of the Bering Sea fishing crab. It is amazing, the variety of things going on at the same time on different places on the earth.

We have this big deal going on with the beef being recalled and thrown away. I think it was over a million pounds? Anyway, it was because some dumb ass plant in California was torturing injured and sick cattle before they slaughtered them for consumption. It completely sucked watching the video of this on the television. Then it gets stuck in your head. I remember watching a video a while back on the television of them torturing HORSES before they slaughtered them for meat. I mean these critters are so exhausted they can't move anyway and are ready to die. Then some pussy dumb ass dude finds a thrill in jabbing, stabbing, drowning, shocking, whatever it takes to get there pussy ass rocks off before they kill the poor creature. I just don't get it.

Then you have these military guys that are saving dogs in Iraq. Pretty cool. They are finding these injured homeless dogs and taking them into their camps and healing the wounds, then sending them back to the U.S. to their family's. It's costing a few grand per dog, but pretty cool.

For every ying you have a yang..................

Anyway, I think about stuff like that a lot. I have to find a way to justify the bad things because if you let it get to you it can make you insane and terminally depressed. So, I think about history. Think about Vlahd the Impailer. Not sure if that is how you spell it so don't get all grammer righteous on me. But think about how he killed thousands of men then impailing them on spears, to show off his victory. Or how about Caligula the Roman Emperor. He would humor himself with torture and murder. We have had brutal torture since the beginning of time.

I personally don't think things are getting worse. We just have too much information being thrown at us with the easy access from the internet, and over a dozen news channels on the television.

I have to remind myself about all of this almost daily so I can get up and start walking again. Dang! Its CRAAAZZYY!!