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The Liverwurst Ladies

First thing I would like to say is HORRAY SLY STALONE for his interview on the Today Show yesterday morning. When they asked him about his bust for GH in Australia, he gave a complete description of what it actually is and because it was so honest and harmless, Matt Lauer left it at that. Like what the f............ is the hooplah all about?? My respect goes out to the man. And I must note that I myself have tried the stuff, and the result was I am better without it. I personally do not need the stuff. At least not yet. However, I do understand it and am baffled at the negative press around it. I just wanted to jump into the tv and kiss him!

Okay move on. I have to express this while it is in my head since I deal with a lot of extremely fit women, and then find myself around a lot of clueless women when I am in health clubs. My darling, beautiful, late Grandmother gave me this book years ago, EAT and REDUCE!, buy Victor H. Lindlahr. Okay, so, this book was published in 1939. It was a paperback and I have kept it in my nutrition bookshelf wrapped in a rubberband, for there is nothing left of the binding or cover. My Grandmother was aware of nutrition and weight loss way back then for her husband always gave her grief if she was off her slender weight by as little as one pound,,,,,,,,,in his eye.........lets not go there. So, in this book there is a chapter called "The Liverwurst Ladies". It is written about his experience having lunch at a soda fountain counter in a department store one day. He says he is sitting at the counter when these three ladies "Swooped" in, and he says that because between the three of them they must have totalled 675 lbs. Anyway to make a long story "sort of" short he was evesdropping, listening to them order their lunch. One of the orders was for liverwurst sandwich with pickle relish on white bread with no lettuce and NO BUTTER!, and a large glass of soda. After the ladies ate thier lunch they justified the chocolate cake desert because they were so good with the actual lunch. His observation was how clueless these women were, or just in complete denial.

So yesterday I am at my health club and I overheard this woman (muffin top, older woman, lots of loose skin) say to another (extremely fat) that she was so frustrated for she comes into the gym and trains every day and is very careful about her food and she gained 2 lbs! Just couldn't understand it. Somewhere in this conversation she chuckles and says "but I did go to taco time" and with a big smile talked about her jumbo taco order. THAT honestly is all I have to say about this... I am just baffled, that's all.

Now I have to express my love for firearms. This past summer, some ass hole punk crawled through my dog door on my garage while I was sleeping upstairs with my PIT BULLS, and got into my car hit the garage door opener and took my car for a joy ride. He left it about 1/8 of a mile up the road when he was done with it. Threw my cd case and some other stuff in the ditch right next to the car and then stole two pairs of cherished sunglasses totalling $1300.00 between the two pairs. MTHRFCKR. I say he because I am 99% sure I know who it is.

All of that being said I got my concealed weapons permit, and a very dear friend of mine turned me onto a friend of his that is a firearms GENIUS. 6 months later I am a junkie. The first thing I learned, because I so wanted to, was the million reason why you don't want to kill someone. Understood and respected. Then it was off to learn everything I could about firearms. I now own an awful lot of weapons and shoot once a week at least five hundred rounds from various weapons and absolutely love it. I start out shooting a hundred rounds from my CZ .22 rifle. Then I move on and shoot the bigger guns, only up to .45s. I don't have anything bigger,,,,,,,,,yet. Then I will go back to my .22 rifle and shoot another hundred rounds. Like warm up and cool down. I just got a Biathlon rifle, in fact it is waiting for me at the dealer right now, so I am squirming in my seat for I have to wait till they call me to go get it.

The reason I was bringing this up is I found a wonderful way to meditate, focus, and get stress out. What was brought on due to anger and frustration has become such a wonderful way to focus. I cannot express how much fun it is to aim at a target 100 feet away and with the naked eye hit that target. It is so sad that all of this law passing crap to take away our 2nd ammendment is affecting the law abiding citizens that do NOT abuse the privilege, and the DUMB FKS that are the reason for panic will STILL have guns when all is said and done, therefore after the ignorant people get the 2nd ammendment taken away they will STILL have guns on the street killing innocent people. I just don't get it. I don't want to get political, really, but please take your damn diapers off and grow up! For crying out loud, does that honestly make sense to you? I wish they would take a census and check to see how many murderers, robbers, gangsters, are registered weapons carriers. How many people that carry a concealed weapons permit get arrested for any of the above offenses?

I'm done for now. Have to get on my suits.................xoxo