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09, Oh WOW!....Oh Well.....

This was definitely the strangest New Years Eve since 1985, and THAT one was strange. Not even going to go into what was involved, but, I will say, once again, my insincts are always good to me, so this New Years Eve just confirmed that. Completely confused, but I just need to let it go, wipe off the demented aura, and move on.

I live amongst the wildlife in the wilderness, therefore I see firsthand how survival works. The stongest and fastest creatures survive, and the weak die brutal, horrible deaths. It IS nature.

Now it is time to start a new year. For myself, I always do it alone. Everyone leaves. And here I am to clean up the holiday mess, reorganize my programs and get back to being artistically creative, wondering what kind of craziness will occur this coming year. Hopefully, everyone will be happy, and I will be pleased with my work.

I really don't have much to say. I think I just needed to purge a bit about my past week. But I did finally find this book of poetry I wrote back in the mid eighties when I was living in New York. This first one I will share is a good one condsidering I wrote it when I was 25, for now I realized how messed up one can be in their 20's. Now, pushing 50, it is right,,,,on..:

I'm getting stronger now

I'm starting to see

Just how far I can really go

Just how successful I can be

It takes a lot of discipline

I can't ask for any help

Don't need to rely on anyone

I have to do it myself

For I have finally figured out

Just how successful I can be

It takes love as well as discipline

Love........for me.

Cool, huh?