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Merry Christine Bodywear

Custom Bikini Competition Suits

Custom bikini competition suits designed by Merry Christine.

All of the Merry Christine competition bikinis are made to perfection. The connectors are hand sewn so they have that professional look on stage as well as close up. A bikini can start as low as $120.00 with no crystals and will go as high as $2,000.00 elite custom crystal designs. Payment plans are available.

Each suit I crystal is hand set with a rubberized glue that can withstand wear and washing for years. I have full video instructions for washing suits on the main page

Merry Christine competition bikinis have convenient hooks on the front of the bottoms so there is no stress from trying to pull the connectors over the hips, therefore no broken connectors. They all come with pockets in the tops so you can add either breast enhancers of any kind, or triangular padding for push up. This way they can be taken out for washing.

Click on the link below to send an email to Merry Christine and she will help you purchase a winning suit.

Custom Suits

If you would like to order a custom suit, like the one directly below, prices vary so contact me.


(360) 568-3235


See pictures of my custom bikini competition suits here.

Bikini competitor in a Merry Christine bikini posing suit.

We offer two different styles of backs for the bottoms of the bikini.






Lycra Black
Lycra (Matte) Black
Lycra Lemon Yellow
Lycra Sunflower Yellow
Lycra Lime Green
Lycra Sea Green
Lycra Lawn Green
Lycra Lilac
Lycra Grape Blue
Lycra Purple
Lycra Warm Purple
Lycra Deep Purple
Lycra Red
Lycra Melon (Matte)
Lycra True Red
Lycra (Matte) Rose Pink
Lycra Hot Pink
Lycra Deep Pink
Lycra Teal
Lycra Turquoise
Lycra Periwinkle
Lycra (Wet Look) Purple
Lycra (Wet Look) Black
Lycra (Wet Look) Navy
Lycra (Wet Look) Blue
Lycra (Wet Look) Coral
Lycra (Wet Look) Kelly Green
Lycra (Cracked Ice) Black with Black Aurora Hologram
Lycra (Cracked Ice) Blue with Blue Hologram
Lycra (Cracked Ice) Black with Fuchsia Hologram
Lycra (Cracked Ice) Orange with Gold Hologram
Lycra (Cracked Ice) Gold with Gold Hologram
Lycra (Cracked Ice) Black with Silver Hologram
Lycra (Dots) Blue
Lycra (Dots) Fuchsia with Fuchsia Dots
Lycra (Dots) Black with Multi-Color Dots
Lycra (Dots) Green
Lycra (Dots) Purple
Lycra (Dots) Turquoise
Lycra (Hologram) Hot Pink
Lycra (Hologram) Lime with Silver Dots
Lycra (Pin Dots) Black with Black Dots
Lycra (Pin Dots) Black with Fuchsia Dots
Lycra (Pin Holodots) Blue
Lycra (Pin Holodots) Gold
Lycra (Pin Holodots) Fuchsia
Lycra (Pin Holodots) Black
Lycra (Pin Holodots) Turquoise
Lycra (Pin Holodots) Purple
Lycra (Pin Dots) Black with Gold Dots
Lycra ( Pin Dots) Lime Green with Gold Dots
Lycra (Pin Dots) Red
Lycra (Pin Dots) Blue
Lycra (Pin Dots) Turquoise
Lycra (Shattered Glass) Purple
Lycra (Shattered Glass) Red
Lycra (Shattered Glass) Turquoise
Lycra (Shattered glass) Greens
Lycra (Shattered Glass) Yellow
Lycra (Shattered Glass) Black
Lycra (Foil) Pink